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Akon’s baby’s mother is prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to get the singer to pay up on his child support.

According to, Farrah Coleman, the mother of the singer/producer’s youngest son, alleges that she’s tried numerous times to serve Akon with legal papers, but can’t seem to find him. So, she’s threatening to take out an ad in the Los Angeles Times to get his attention.

Akon was spotted by TMZ, paparazzi who questioned him regarding the matter, to which Akon say he wasn’t hard to find.

“I’m a celebrity,” Akon told TMZ cameras. “My schedule is on the Internet. You can go on my MySpace, it’ll tell you where I’m at!”

Really Akon????

Akon groupie gives birth

Via, his lawyer, Akon claims that he’s trying to handle the matter privately, and has been cooperative in doing so thus far.

Take a look at Akon below:

Akon brings jumpoff to concert

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