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Is there a “best” day to lose weight? Absolutely! But that particular day actually depends on you. If you want to figure out your best day to whittle your waist and trim your butt, you’ve got to take a look at your lifestyle, your work week, your daily routine.

Why Monday May Be Your “Best” Workout Day

“Mondays, for the most part, signify the start to your week,” says Stephanie. “Hopefully you have enjoyed a restful and rejuvenating Sunday. You feel pumped up for a great workout and you have all the energy, focus and enthusiasm for your first workout of the week.” Monday is a good day to set the tone of a successful first day back at your workout that week. For many of us, it’s a defined starting point, a day that you can set new short term goals, achievable by week’s end (like working out 3-5 times, eating dessert only on one week day, even losing a pound).

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Recovery Time is Key

More than the benefit of renewed energy, starting your weight loss workout plan on a Monday gives your body the necessary 3-5 training days in the week plus time to recover. Muscles need time to recuperate between workouts (we’re talking a day here, not days or weeks between… so no slacking!). In fact, you are actually weakening and tearing down your muscles while you workout. That day of recovery time is when they grow stronger. Stephanie suggests that “After a tough weight training day, you should give yourself at least 24 hours until your next workout. You can give it your best, and your body will thank you for it. The results are in the recovery!” That’s why it’s good to rotate between weight training and cardiocardio days- your muscles get to recover from your tough weight days while you work on burning calories on your days.

Get It Over With!

But possibly the best benefit to starting your workout week on a Monday… You get it over with! While fitness can be a lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be your life. Enjoy your Sunday (your “I don’t have to run day”- The Bangles anyone?) Do something fun outdoors with my family and friends. Of course, if that “something fun” also happens to be an active calorie-burning activity- even better!

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