Organizing your bedroom is a matter of selecting the right storage options to take advantage of every available space. Decorative chests or baskets may accessorize your bedroom while hideaway storage organizes occasional necessities. Your bedroom closet is the optimal place for accessible storage that can be decorative as well as functional. Here are some ideas for maximizing your bedroom’s full organizational potential:

Decorative Storage

Organize your bedroom with stylish storage pieces to match your room’s décor. Furnishings like an armoire, a dresser or a bench help organize your clothes, linens and personal necessities as they coordinate with your other bedroom furniture. You can place decorative baskets on bookshelves for easily accessible storage that accents the décor in your bedroom. Organize everything from toiletries to socks and magazines in small, medium and large baskets. Wicker hampers help organize laundry or hide toys.

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Accessible Storage

Racks and shelves in your bedroom closet provide accessible storage and help organize clothes, shoes and other essentials. Organizing your bedroom closet is easy if you have a specific place for everything. You can find specialty hangers that will hang six pairs of pants on one tier or a row of ties, belts and accessories on another. These space savers expand and help organize your bedroom closet quickly and easily. Consider a professional closet organizing system for accessible storage with many options. Slide out racks and shelves can increase your storage capacity while organizing your bedroom closet beautifully.

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