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Walking is an excellent way for any person with working legs to build up fitness.Here are some tips to create your own neighborhood walking workout:

1. Make sure you walk for at least 20 minutes to start efficiently burning fat! I would start by walking 5 minutes first, then start your intervals!

2. Wear a heart rate monitor to ensure you are burning fat and walking fast enough! Your goal is to keep your heart rate at 65-85% of your heart rate maximum! To determine your max, take 220 minus your age. That is your max and then you take 65-85% of that!

4 simple ways to get yourself to the gym

3. To turn more calories, step up your normal walking routine with muscle toning intervals including:

– Side shuffling

– Side stepping squats

– Walking lunges

– Reverse lunges with upper back squeeze

– Triceps dips off a bench or curb

– Pushups on a park bench

– Crab crawl

– Bear walk

– Bunny hops

– Power skipping

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