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Sahar Daftary, the former Face of Asia, recently plunged over 150 feet to her death after finding out that her lover was married.

According to the Daily Mail, the model was distraught after breaking up with her boyfriend, went to his 12th-floor apartment to collect her belongings, and was later found dead on the ground floor. The only thing heard was a single scream, and neighbors didn’t hear any yelling or fighting going on before the boyfriend called the police.

The boyfriend has been arrested until the situation is sorted, but most are concluding that Daftary’s death was due to either suicide or a bad accident.

This leads me to wonder – would you ever kill yourself over a breakup?

Anyone who’s gotten out of a long relationship knows how hard it can be, but suicide is usually last on most women’s lists. What’s the most depressed you’ve ever been after a breakup, and how did you get out of the funk? Let us know!

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