Even though most exes do the 'make up to break up' dance for years, maybe there is a lesson to be gleaned from Issa's decisiveness.

Dear celebrities: If you’re going to pull a publicity stunt, at least don’t set it up via text message with some chick on your Instagram. So here’s the tea: A few weeks back, rumors began swirling that B.o.B. and girlfriend Sevyn Streeter (who just happens to be one of #TeamBeautiful’s favorite stars) had split up. On […]

 Columbus Short and Tanee McCall’s new short film “The End Again” so perfectly captures the range of emotions of a couple who are going through a breakup, that it would be easy to assume that the short film is about their own real-life relationship ups and downs. In the new 15-minute romantic drama, written by Felicia Pride, produced by Latisha Fortune and […]

A couple months ago, we discovered this amazing angry breakup letter from a Dartmouth student on Facebook, who was calling out her lowdown dirty boyfriend from dumping her and his even more lowdown and dirty rebound chick for, well, being a rebound chick. Since last week’s posting of our favorite new viral letter from a […]

I love my fiancee. You know how sometimes you have to tell your something repeatedly so that you really believe it? I don’t have to do that about her. I really do love her. Love is hard, though.

I wasn’t born to accommodate, but by being with my boyfriend Abe for the past three and a half years, it may seem as if I were. For the past three and a half years, there was no one else, and I knew of nothing else. I shut myself off from the rest of the […]

Yahoo! Mail just conducted a poll of 2,000 people in the U.S, surveying them about their email behavior. One of the very surprising results to come out of the poll, is that 13% of adults think it is acceptable to break up with someone via email, IM, or text. What’s more, the study found that […]

It’s certified: the Bronx-based Dominican-American bachata music cluster Aventura are officially kaput, according to lead singer Anthony “Romeo” Santos who announced the split at AOL Music. Romeo noted that now that their extensive tour “The Last” finished in Puerto Rico a few days ago, “Romeo” noted that each member will go in his own to […]

Breaking up is a little like field-dressing your own chest wound. You don’t have a choice. Your heart’s still thumping in there somewhere. Do it right and the damage might be negligible, the scar insignificant. You’ll be back in the s— before you know it. Do it poorly and you’ll be left lying around for […]