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Treadmills can be tiresome. And not necessarily because you are working up a sweat! The problem? Boredom: the ultimate exercise killer. Instead of sacrificing your hard-earned body to mind games, get on the newest workout bandwagon- old school-style.

Nostalgia is lifting our spirits (and our butts), taking us back to 8th grade when exercise was still considered fun. Hula Hooping and Jump Roping aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, they are some of the most efficient, effective, inexpensive, and yes–fun ways to workout without feeling like a hamster on a cardio machine.

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Don’t Huff It. Hoop It!

Huffing it is so yesterday. Hooping is becoming the exercise of choice for everyone from hipsters to boomers all looking to make their workouts do more in less time and ACTUALLY enjoy it. Though still rooted in whimsy, hoopsters have reinvented the fun after school activity, transforming it into an adult exercise tool that is seriously effective when it comes to toning muscles and shedding fat. In fact, Kellee McQuinn, Founder of KidTribe, an international children’s fitness company and an ExerciseTV Trainer, lost 2 dress sizes in 2 months from hooping alone! She chooses to incorporate the hula hoop into her workouts because “Hooping is non-intimidating and non competitive. It’s also a lot more social and fun than other traditional work-outs; but most of all, people are happy when they’re hooping. It doesn’t even feel like exercise!”

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