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Last week, my blushing bride and I celebrated one year of wedded bliss. Of course, gifts were in order. And, even though the first anniversary is supposed to be the paper anniversary, I knew better than to come home with a bag from Staples. It would never be that “easy.” All this made me think about that delicate art of husband gift-giving.

See, the thing is, women rarely tell you what they want when it comes to giving them a gift. They’d rather you go all Sherlock Holmes to figure out what it is they want. Fortunately for me, when asked, the Mrs. will tell me – usually in great detail – what it is she wants.

But there’s always that x-factor gift. That one thing she mentioned when you two were walking through the mall, or that little item she said looked nice on another woman (and here you are thinking it was a trap). Those are the gifts they really want. Those are the gifts that earn you “points” (more on that later). But they are also the most difficult because 1) men rarely read between the lines and 2) we don’t know we had to. We were too busy assuming you really would tell us. How dumb of us. ;)

So, ladies, if you really want something, just let a brother know… for real. And dudes, always listen to your woman. It will help you in more ways than one.

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