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KISS Jelly Fantasy Press-On Nail Set in Jelly Cat

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

Quiet as it’s kept, you can’t go wrong with press-on nails. If you’re a beauty maven that loves to flex a fresh manicure — from SNS to acrylic sets — a trip to the nail salon can be pricey and time-consuming. Not to mention, finding the time to make a salon appointment can be difficult. And since press-on nails are known for their quick application, it makes sense that they continue to grow in popularity.

Keep in mind that some folks are convinced that press-on nails are the healthiest option. Interestingly, Marie Barokas, a veteran professional manicurist with 10+ years of experience with brands such as Deborah Lippmann, Essie, OPI, and more, thinks a bit differently. In her words, it’s the removal process that varies.

“I wouldn’t consider one necessarily healthier than the other,” Marie says. “Where I think one is more gentle than the other is when it comes to the removal process. Less time exposing the nails to acetone will help alleviate the nails drying out. Press-on nails take much less time to remove with acetone than dip.”

However, Marie does share that the key to achieving a durable and long-lasting manicure — no matter the method — comes down to working with a professional manicurist.

If you prefer to dabble in the DIY space, press-on nails are a safe option. Some press-on brands offer glue application or adhesive tabs. Additionally, these nails come in various shapes and designs to suit your taste. When applied correctly, press-on nails applied with glue can last up to 10 days or longer. If you’re in the mood for a temporary mani, the adhesive option will keep your set in place for three to five days.

The press-on nail application process

Since I prefer fake nails that last for the long haul, I decided to try the KISS Jelly Fantasy Press-On Nail Set in Jelly Cat ($9.99, As usual, I went to my nail appointment and had my nail tech, Jessie, install the nails. She started with a basic manicure that consisted of a nail soak, cuticle and nail clean-up, file and buff session, and a hand massage.

Once complete, Jessie began by selecting the right nail sizes for each of my nails. Then, she glued the back of the artificial nail and dabbed a bit of glue to my natural nail. Next, she aligned the press-on nail with my cuticle, gently pressed the nail in place, and held it snug for five seconds. Once complete, she continued the process until all ten fingers were installed.

As a finishing touch, the nail tech gently filed the sharp edges for a smooth finish.

KISS Jelly Fantasy Press-On Nail Set in Jelly Cat

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

Final Thoughts

On the packaging, it says that these nails have a 7-day glue-on wear guarantee. However, I’m proud to say that my set lasted for two full weeks. Yes, you read that correctly!

The nails not only felt lightweight, but they also looked like I spent $100+ for the set. I also found myself receiving compliments from people about my nails and wanting the tea on my manicurist.

So, it’s safe to say that press-on nails are that girl for a quick and eye-catching manicure.


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