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Online dating in my perspective is creepy! Ever hear of something called “a little white lie?” Well, I’m sure the “little white lie” has been told several times in the online dating world. You are being misled and or lied to. Check out some of the reasons why people “claim” its better to online date:

1. You get to know the real person. Once you have talked with or chatted with someone online while, you begin to know the person, how they feel, the way they think, what makes them happy or sad. A person often tends to write out how more they are feeling, whereas in ‘real life’, one might hold back feelings or thoughts, or be too afraid embarrassed to talk about some things.

Whoa whoa whoa! You get to know the real person? How unreal of a person can you meet then meeting someone over the Internet? I could be talking to a 70 year old man in China for all I know. So the whole time this 24 year old entrepreneur hunk is telling me how he feels, and thinks, and what makes him happy or sad its really this over weight old man! Real person? I think not! And I want someone to hold back the first time I’m chatting to him or her over the Internet. I’m sorry but how your father never loved you and how what you ate last night is not quite settling in your stomach are things that can be held back!

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2. Frugal minded person, online dating saves you money. When a person goes out on a ‘real life’ date, you have several possible costs involved: gas to and from the date, a meal for two, movie or concert tickets for two, perhaps the cost of a new outfit, and maybe even babysitting charges if you have children who need to be watched. And this is just for one date that might turn out to be a nightmare! When you date online, you will save money and if the ‘date’does not go as you hoped you will not out any money.

Excuse me while I go get a tissue. I have broken into tears, tears of laughter. Hello, it’s called life! And this ‘real life’ dating is a part of it. If someone would rather sit on their butt staring into a computer screen stroking their cat on the right and eating their Ben & Jerrys on the left, then please stay indoors! Show the rest of society some respect and don’t even attempt to step one foot onto the streets. A part of life is being social, meeting new people. If the risk of a bad date looks worse then sitting in your pj’s all night watching re-runs of I Love Lucy Marathon on TV Land then I’m scared! Actually, horrified! How pathetic can a human being get? A guy who cannot afford the cost of a simple date is a guy who needs to realize this might not be the most precise time in his life where he should be dating. Hey buddy, you should be scrolling through monster.com not eharmony!

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3. When the two of you are comfortable enough with each other to meet in person, the first meeting will most likely be absolutely wonderful! You are able to talk with the person as though you have known them forever, you feel at ease and comfortable, and chances are you have found the soul mate you have searched for.

Oh man! Here we go again. When you are comfortable enough with each other to meet in person? How much do you really need to know about someone to just go grab a cup of coffee? Most people meet for the first time in person, and hold conversations for the first time face to face. After I have talked to someone for weeks over the internet I would feel a little uneasy about meeting them in person and a little uncomfortable about meeting them in person. Now these two strangers are seeing what each other looks like in this ‘real life’ and reading each other’s body language. Body language can say a lot, it actually can tell you a lot more then what is actually coming out of the person’s mouth that is sitting across from you. This can totally change the whole relationship. In order to find your “soul mate” don’t you have to see them in person first? What if your hunk of a penpal is this 30-pound underweight shrimp? Do you think your sex drive is going to kick in and “soul mate” status is popping into your head? I think not! You need to look into each others eyes, feel each other, read each others body language, hear each others voice before you can even mention this term of “soul mate.”


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