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Jayda Cheaves is the it girl to know on social media. Far beyond the trope of the typical social media baddie, Cheaves effortlessly demonstrates personality, substance, and humor in her Instagram lives and TikTok as she allows her fans into a glimpse of her world with get-ready-with-me-style videos before the final snapshot of the viral photos on her feed.

In addition to slaying in photoshoots and exuding natural beauty, Cheaves has been able to monetize her online brand through the foundation of Amour Jayda and Waydamin, a loungewear brand with essentials for every boss babe working from home, on the go, and in between. “I really make sure that all my pieces aren’t just for petite girls. I go all the way up to 3X, and my plus-size models are phenomenal looking snatched as f*ck. I really take pride in that, because it really is for every body type,” she told HelloBeautiful.

In an exclusive chat with HelloBeautiful, the influencer, and entrepreneur opened up about her definition of self-care, what she’s teaching her son about inner beauty, and the beauty products that she swears by to keep her skin right.

HB: A lot of people on social media oftentimes worry about the comment section, the likes, and how many shares we get, but how do you make sure to stay grounded and true to who you are in the midst of everything that’s going on on the internet?

Jayda: I would say I’m still working on that because I don’t have everything figured out. I’m really tapping into myself [and] realizing what makes me happy. If I like my outfit, I’m going to post it because I like it. I’m not going to let three negative comments steer me away from how I really feel about what I put on that day. It’s all about being grounded and honestly being happy within, to know whatever this person’s saying, that can’t affect me. That’s how that person feels. Move on, next. Let go, let God.”

HB: What is something that you want to teach Loyal about inner beauty and staying true to himself?

Jayda: The main thing I instill into Loyal is ‘Never change who you are because of how other people treat you.’ He’s in school now, but it’s been situations where someone will do something mean to him, and of course, we’ll talk about the situation. I let him express his feelings, and I’m always like, ‘You just always be yourself. Don’t try to be mean to someone because they’re mean to you. Always remain who you are. Don’t let negative people make you negative’. That’s one of the main things I always teach my son.”

HB: How have your own wellness routines and boundary-setting practices evolved over time?

Jayda: Oh, please. It’s a totally different person from Amore Jayda to now. I know how to set boundaries. I know how to stand my ground. I know how to speak my truth without putting somebody down. I know how to be soft. I know how to be gentle, and I know how to get my point across without shitting on the next person. I really could stand true to myself. I don’t got to throw shade at nobody to make myself look better, or say, ‘Look at me, don’t look at this person.’ I really stand true in who I am, and I just do me.”

HB: What are three beauty products that you swear by?

Jayda: My jade roller.

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My exfoliating heart pads are super essential. They’re flat, and once you put the water on them, they puff up. I really live by those.

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Honestly, ever since I’ve been using them I’ve seen a total change in my skin. My jade roller, my heart exfoliant pads, and my HydroGrip face primer by Milk is absolutely the best face primer in the whole world. It keeps my skin snatched.”

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HB: What would you say are three essential pieces that every woman should have in their closet?

Jayda: Black leggings, a black mini dress, like a cute long-sleeve dress – above the knee for sure. Just loungewear, and that’s what Waydamin basically is. Our best pieces are loungewear [and] everybody needs loungewear. We all like to just throw on leggings and a shirt with some boots, and run to the store. That’s my specialty over at Waydamin.

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HB: What’s something you wish people would stop asking you about?

Jayda: My child’s father. That’s the biggest thing. Why y’all keep asking me about it?

HB: What do you wish people would ask you more of?

Jayda: I wish people would ask me more about mental health, and how I overcame certain situations and things that were meant to break me. Like, ‘How the f*ck did she bounce back from that?’ I’ve been through a lot publicly on social media. That sh*t really will f*ck with you; f*ck with your mental. If you’re not strong, there’s no way you going to make a comeback from that.

I’ve been dealing with stuff like that since I was 16. Didn’t even know what blogs were, for real. I’m going viral for situations, and the whole time I’m just growing up, learning, going through life. I guess it’s more important because I had this amount of followers, or I was doing this. Going through life in front of so many people, you really got to stay sane through it all because shit is going to happen. Nobody’s life is perfect. As I’m getting older, I know how to handle a situation differently than how I did back when I was 16 years old. That just comes with growth and maturity.”

HB: What are some of your wellness goals for 2023?

Jayda: Absolutely getting rid of that negative voice in my head. If I’m like, ‘I’m about to have a good day,’ then that voice comes like, ‘What if this happened? What if you do that?’ My ultimate goal of 2023 is absolutely coming to a state where I am high vibrations only. I’m tuning out that negative thought. I call it a roommate. It’s just that negative piece of energy that’s just there to fuck up your vibrations. I’m really trying to just tune that out so I could always be positive, or at least try to be positive because I try to be a positive person. Every day I wake up, I try to put that into my friends, the people I’m around. Sometimes I get triggered by certain things, and I’m trying to get triggered less, but moving over into 2023, I’ll pray to not get so triggered all the time.

HB: If Jayda Wayda now could tell Amour Jayda a piece of advice, what would she tell her?

Jayda: Honestly, I don’t know. I will honestly just tell her, to stay grounded because you’re too caught up in the internet. You’re too caught up in the stuff that don’t matter. I feel like Amour Jayda was very materialistic. She was doing it for social media and not for herself, so just maturity [and] growing up. I felt like I was always that person that I am now, I just was lost, and young and not really open-minded to knowing [that] none of this shit matters like the cars, the jewelry, the clothes. It makes you feel good for the moment, but realistically, that stuff do not matter. I feel like back then, I would probably just tell Amour Jayda, you’re too caught up in the wrong shit. What really makes you happy? Because back then I wasn’t happy.


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