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Hey Cupcakes,

You claim you want good music. You claim you’re tired of the corporate radio B.S. You claim that you’re tired of the degrading music videos and misogynistic lyrics. I got your back but you’ve gotta work with me. Damn! I am trying to introduce you to next level artists but now I need you to do the right thing and support their music. Okay? *Smiles.*

Meet MADCON. Two Norwegian brothers with roots in Africa spitting fiyyyyahhh, funk and fun on the mic. Please check out my Planet Abiola Show interview with them below. And ALSO watch my recent interviews with up and coming artists Blitz the Ambassador, LMFAO, Anthony David— and fine, watch my Busta Rhymes episode too. ;-) Enjoy– and hit me up on Twitter, Flickr and!

It’s Music Monday, y’all…

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