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I used to be a yo-yo dieter, which contributed to my struggle to maintain a consistent weight. Simply put, I wasn’t focused on a healthier lifestyle as a long-term goal. I would be focused on looking good in a bathing suit during the summer and no further.

I’d get my body to a somewhat ideal personal size in the warmer months and gain the weight back in the fall/winter. And it would only get worse as the holidays approach. It would always start with Halloween candy, then Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas parties; transforming into a slippery slope of overindulgence and weight gain. Come January, I’d be rushing to join a gym with the “lose weight” New Year’s resolution.

The cycle continued after the birth of my daughter, but it got increasingly harder to drop the dreaded holiday pounds. I couldn’t just pick up and go as I pleased, anymore. Scheduling workout time was a challenge. Combined with the mom guilt I’d feel leaving my daughter with a sitter, I needed a routine change. and keep the workout time between 45-60 mins because mommy guilt made me feel like I had to rush back.

But then, I got my mind right. If you struggle with holiday weight gain, let’s grab the reindeer by its antlers and try out five simple suggestions to help you prevent putting on the extra pounds.

Drink plenty of water before you eat

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Water is a natural appetite suppressant. When the stomach senses that it’s full, it sends signals to the brain to stop eating. Water can assist in taking up space in the stomach leading to a feeling of fullness which reduces cravings.

Eggnog, coquito, and other holiday cocktails make it easy to pack on liquid calories. Drinking water will also aid in the reduction of your overall liquid calorie intake.

Use smaller plates

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Holiday gatherings and buffet-styled settings don’t have to increase your eating habits. People usually consume larger portions when they have bigger plates. Dishing your food out to a smaller plate will encourage portion control which will inevitably help you to stay on track.

Put the fork down between chews

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Overeating is a learned behavior that most need to unlearn. So many of the children that were taught to “finish all their food” are now adults struggling with gluttonous mannerisms.

It’s OK to leave food on your plate! Take your time with each meal. Eat slowly and put your fork down while you’re taking bites. Keeping cutlery in your hand creates a shoveling affect and now you’re scooping food into your mouth, without interruption. Eating at a rapid speed will delay your brain in receiving the signal that you’re full. Pacing will give your body time to digest your food so you don’t feel stuffed or sluggish.

Leave the leftovers

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A key to controlling your weight gain is setting limitations for yourself. Abandon the idea of seconds and dispose of any leftovers.

This also includes making plates at gatherings you may attend. As delicious as these dishes may be… no doggy bags! You’ll thank yourself later.

Stay Active

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This includes but is not limited to daily exercising. If you drive to your soirées, don’t go crazy looking for parking close to the venue. Take the first spot you see and walk to your destination.

Also, you should be moving while you’re at these holiday gatherings. Maybe instead of sitting on the couch watching “A Christmas Movie”, cut a rug to some Christmas carols or encourage a family holiday game night.

It’ll allow you to bond with your family


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