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Fashion has always been a huge part of my journey. Style is an expression of my individuality; it’s a form of artistry. From one day to the next, you can transform from a savvy business woman to a chic, tom-boy; or a high-fashioned hippie. The right wardrobe and accessories, can give you the ability to change into another version of yourself or look like you stepped out a time machine. The clothes don’t make the M.I.L.F, but it’s fun to play dress-up.

Although my family didn’t have a lot of money to splurge on clothes, when I was younger, I found joy in being my own stylist. I dreamed of having a wardrobe like the fashionable “Lisa Turtle” on Saved by the Bell. But Conway didn’t have high-fashion finds.

While my brother would shop on the boys side of the store with my dad, I was stuck in the girls section with my mom. I liked skirts and some “girly” pieces but I wasn’t comfortable with my body. I didn’t dress like a traditional girl. I was more into baggy jeans and oversized shirts, like my brother.

Shopping on a budget became something I mastered early on. It started out as necessity, then became something I enjoyed. I’d always check the sale sections and I became an avid thrifter. There was a thrift shop a block away from my house that I’d always walk pass. One day I decided to walk in, and from that day forward, I’d check the shop at least once a week for new pieces. 

I created trendy looks with limited resources, which taught me about my personal style and how to get more for my money.

My daughter doesn’t feel those same financial limitations, when we go shopping. Lucky for me, my daughter has never been impressed by labels. She rather spend my money on electronics. Nonetheless, if she wants something and I can afford it, she can have it. When it comes to saving money on purchases, I truly love stores like Family Dollar, Walmart and IKEA and the hidden gem Five Below!

As a mother practicing financial responsibility, Five Below always provide valuable finds on a budget. I brought a camera along for my latest trip and here’s some items I found worth sharing.

• Extra thick workout mat – This is great because the mat I’ve been using is a standard yoga mat. It’s too thin for me! Every time I do planks, I end up getting a dry patch on my elbow so I have to fold the mat three or four times to make it thicker. What I love about this new mat is it also comes with a strap to carry the mat, for no additional cost. 

• Graphic tee – A cute graphic t-shirt can go a long way! You can pair it with denim and a blazer. There’s the option to dress it up, with a skirt. Or, just lounge around the house in it.

• Coffee body scrub – As we know, cellulite and stretch marks were once an issue for me. Although I’m not bothered by them I do love to exfoliate my skin. I make my own body scrubs but this one is great! It leaves you feeling extremely soft and the coffee is said to be good for evening out skin tones.

•Art supplies – I had to get something for my daughter. She loves electronics but she equally enjoys art. Although I was supposed to stay within a $25 budget I couldn’t get her a sketchbook without getting some thing to draw with! So, I made in executive decision and grab some gel pens, as well.

Doggy jacket – Our dog is a part of our family! She already had a jacket but somehow my daughter misplaced it.

I ended up going $10 over the budget, which I do often. Step one in any recovery, is admission that you have a problem. My name is “Miss Lissa” and I’m addicted to shopping on a budget.


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