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I’ve been doing my manicures for the past six years at home. A few months ago, I decided it was time to outsource my glam. As a makeup artist, my hands are my money makers! So I took my (robust) Pinterest board full of inspiration to the nail salon and instantly fell in love with Gel-X manicures.

The lengths, shapes, and designs were endless and less damaging than other nail enhancements. My only issue; the price. As a girl used to having a fresh paint job once a week, waiting 2-3 weeks between appointments was torture! And at $100+ per set (I always add designs), getting them done more frequently was going to add up fast!

My friend mentioned she did her own gel-x manicure at home, so I was willing to try it. Some of the more popular kits I found were $100 and up for the starter pack. I wasn’t ready to spend a small fortune bi-weekly to fuel this addiction, so I scoured the internet for some answers. YouTube and TikTok opened my eyes to an alternate approach. Amazon sells a ton of dupes for a fraction of the price!

At the time, Prime Day was fast approaching, so I added the Gellen Nail Extension Kit, an electric nail file, and a UV lamp to my cart. A couple of days later, I removed my old set and DIY’ed my way to polished perfection! After a few rounds of trial and error (and countless hours watching tutorials), I perfected the Gel-x technique and filmed my own tutorial.

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