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Our resident makeup artist Anika Kai has seen her share of Morphe cosmetics. With steady reviews of their latest products, Kai compiled her top 5 products from the innovative beauty brand. Check out her review below!


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Anika Kai: Hi, welcome back to my channel. My name is Anika Kai, and I’m a celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer. People are always asking me what are your favorite products and I tell them that I can’t pick a favorite. I love everything, so what I’m going to do to share my faves with you is to go down the line from each brand and show you my top five. I’m gonna show you five of my favorite Morphe products. A lot of these I use professionally and personally, and I am so excited to share them with you today.

So first up is going to be my Morphe Prodigy Bronzer. Now you can see this is very well-loved. I use this on myself, and I have one in my kit as well. This is the perfect bronzer for chocolatey skin tones. It’s a really warm terracotta shade. I use it as a blush sometimes just to warm up the skin. It’s a beautiful, beautiful tone.

Another one of my tried and true favorites from Morphe is going to be their lip gloss. Now, this is in the shade Freestyle and Sweetest Tea. Sweetest Tea is been my go-to, throw in the purse, don’t need a lip liner type of jam. I am obsessed with this color. It’s so pretty. It’s like a mauvy nude. The formula is not too sticky, and it wears a long time on the lip. These two, if you are my complexion, would definitely be go-to. There’s one called Sweet Tea, which is gorgeous on gm to light complexions.

Right now from Morphe, I am loving their Filter Effect Concealers. They sent me these colors in the shades 36 and 38, and I use them around my face one more as an all-over color and one that’s lighter in the center, so I’m going to go ahead and apply that so you guys can see how buttery these concealers are. All I used was this beauty blender, and I mean, it’s dry, and it just blended out like nobody’s business. It also has really great coverage and wears a really long time on the skin.

The next top tier Morphe product is going to be their pencils. I call them pencils and not specifically, lip liners because they are just not a color pencil. So you can use it wherever you so choose. I have these two shades here that I use as lip liners; Date Night and Trendsetter. Trendsetter is gonna be a more chocolatey brown and Date Night is a little bit more of a plummy brown. I’m gonna pop on date night. If you don’t already have these two colors go out and get them. These are bomb!

How can we talk about Morphe and not talk about their brushes? These are some of my favorites. They have the most beautiful range of detail brushes. This is an angled eyeliner brush. This one I just love for all over the face. It works for powders for cream – anything and any tight areas you need to get into on the face, perfect for that. This one is my dome fluffy brush again. Really nice and tight areas and really good for spot application. And this one is the push liner brush. I tend to use it to clean up eyebrows to push in any kind of eyeliner. If you want a crisp, clean line without having to, you know use a wrist action; this one will really get the job done. Also good in tight spaces as well. Almost all of Morphe brushes are really great quality. They, in my opinion, are duped to some of the Mac brushes that are out there. Some of the really high-end brushes are out there, and they are synthetic hair, so they will last you a longer time. Comment below some of your favorite Morphe brushes.

Last but certainly not least Morphe palettes; This is kind of how I got introduced to Morphe. Their palettes are really really buttery, really soft, really pigmented. This is the latest collection “Make You

Blush,” I just love the packaging on this one and then it comes with this really large mirror which is a nice touch. So there are some of my favorite products from Morphe cosmetics, and you guys let me know what your faves are from Morphe.