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Black, Openly Gay, And A Female CEO, Jesseca Harris-Dupart Lives An Unapologetic Life

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Jesseca Harris-Dupart wears the boss pants well, and you better believe they are multicolored. With an expanding million-dollar haircare brand, a reality television show, and a multitude of dedicated social media disciples tucked snuggly in her back pockets, it is safe to say that this beauty mogul has plenty of ASSets.

Just from perusing her extremely entertaining Instagram feed, one wouldn’t believe Jesseca’s background story. On any given day, she surprises her now-wife, rapper Da Brat, with elaborate gifts. Then, she’s either hosting an over-the-top event for her successful brand Kaleidoscope or managing giveaways in her community through her nonprofit, KaleidoKares. Jesseca’s fabulous life can easily evoke envy, but know that her glory didn’t come without tribulations.

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If “started from the bottom now we’re here” were a person, it would resemble Jesseca. From her meek beginnings as a teen mother who was once homeless, to owning a local beauty salon that succumbed to a fire, then birthing a beauty empire that is steady on the rise – this girl boss possesses the ultimate come-up story, and I got the details about this story from the woman herself.

Jesseca Harris-Dupart, also known as “Da Real BB (Big Booty) Judy” to the social media world, is a force to be reckoned with. As a black, openly gay female CEO, Jesseca lives her vibrant life out loud with no regrets. 

“I am proud of all parts of me. I am a gay, Black female entrepreneur, but I am also curvy, colorful, curse a little bit. These are all just pieces of who I am as a whole being. I think that in business, these things make me relatable to the consumer. Kaleidoscope as a brand understands that people are not just one way! We try our best to represent all people by being inclusive in our brand culture. We welcome every hair texture, no matter what that person identifies as. Our focus is making people feel unapologetically and authentically beautiful, in whichever way that may look.” 

When asked what contributed to her success, she boldly claimed that being true to who she is and keeping up with pop culture are the keys to Kaleidoscope’s notoriety. From cleverly jumping on the coattail of Kanye West’s song Come to Life and spinning it into a Kaleidoscope promotion to creating a Kaleidoscope parody of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP video, Jesseca has conquered the social media algorithm. “I think my authenticity contributed to my success; it bleeds throughout the culture of the brand. Kaleidoscope is considered to be a very disruptive brand. We aren’t afraid of taking risks; we hop on anything trending as quickly as possible. We try to keep our hand on the pulse of what’s happening in pop culture and in the hair industry.”

Jesseca, whose top hair tips consist of using Kaleidoscope miracle drops daily and keeping her ends trimmed regularly, began her coiffeuse journey at a young age. She vividly remembers practicing her beautician skills on her father as she would often comb her dad’s hair and strategically place barrettes on his tresses to form the perfect style. She let her talent guide her and eventually opened up a local salon. Times were far from easy, but this NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) girl persevered. 

“Not even six months after branching out on my own and opening a Kaleidoscope hair studio, we experienced a fire that took 90% of everything I had built down in a matter of minutes. It took months to get things back straight. I’m sure you could imagine how defeating that must have felt. That experience bought out a fire from deep inside. I felt like I had to overcome it; there were so many people watching and depending on me. I felt the responsibility of being an example of a true leader.” And a true leader she is. Many men and women sing Kaleidoscope products praises and attribute their healthy hair growth to the miracle drops. And because of these testimonies, Kaleidoscope has sold millions of products since its debut.

Kaleidoscope is one of the fastest-growing hair care brands in the industry today, and it’s predicted to double in size with inventory in retail chains such as CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aide, to name a few. Jesseca is extremely proud of the brand’s trajectory and would take the same route if she had to repeat her life. “One go-to affirmation I have is, I am worthy of true happiness. If I had to do this all over again, I don’t believe I would change anything. Things happen the way they are divinely designed to happen. I’ve learned many valuable lessons along this journey that I’ll cherish forever.”

For more information on the Kaleidoscope brand, click here. To follow check out Jesseca’s lively Instagram feed, click here.


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