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We’ve all heard of the side chick, aka the jump off. A lot of women wonder about the side chick. What woman, they think, would sacrifice her self respect for a man who’s already committed? I wondered the same thing until I decided these women must be getting SOMETHING out of  the situation besides sex. Right?? Check out my top reasons for being a side chick:

Plenty of free time. Let’s face it. If you’re in a serious relationship, a lot of your life is dedicated to your man. But a side chick’s time? She can go shopping, go out with her girls, hell go to Siberia while waiting to hear from her man. If he ever calls back, that is…

Your options are always open. Since she’s not technically in a relationship (and really, when did that ever stop anyone anyway), the side chick is free to try out other men while still being involved with a man she (usually) likes.

Your hair and nails are paid for. Okay, maybe this one isn’t true for everyone. Some side chicks are lucky to get a KFC biscuit from their man, but its the thought that counts. Presents given in guilt are extra special, after all!

Look at an example of a healthy couple-the Obama’s in Rome!!

You have another excuse to be dramatic. Not getting enough attention from friends? Why not become a side chick?! You’ll get the attention you deserve as well as plenty of excuses to try out the dramatic lines you’ve always wanted to use. Some of my personal favorites are, “I can’t live without him” and “I know that we’re destined to be together.”

Forget about that man and read about Keyshia Cole’s mom instead!

What do you think, Hello Beautiful?? I know you have some more. What are the benefits to being the woman on the the side?

Here’s Willy Northpole’s tribute to the side chick below: his song #1 Side Chick ft. Bobby V!!

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