Summer is here, which means swimsuit season which has sent women into panic for years. I know this, because I am one of them. So this summer I wanted to tone up and though I am not opposed to exercising, I love my food. So I wondered if it was possible to lose weight without dieting. I hit up google and found 31,000,000 results and my hopes started to rise. I was quickly disappointed, however.

I looked at over 150 different ways to “lose weight without dieting.” Of these only 13 didn’t actually involve dieting.

1. Take vitamins.

2. Begin exercising.

3. Eat slower.

4. Use smaller plates, cups, and utensils.

5. Don’t eat in front of the computer or television.

6. Eat with other people.

7. Focus on why you are overeating.

8. Eat at regular times.

9. Don’t be in a rush to lose weight.

10. Pack any leftovers first.

11. Don’t go to bed too late.

12. Find a stress reliever.

13. Only bring to the table what you plan to eat.

I think it is pretty safe to say that I will not be dropping as many pounds as I hoped with these techniques. the only one I feel comfortable saying will make a significant impact is exercising, but I already do that.

Then I started thinking, when did changing the food you eat, the amount of food you eat, and the quality of food you eat stop becoming a diet?

So if you are looking for a way to keep eating the food you love without dieting, don’t believe everything you read. Go with what is safe and what everyone says, “Everything is fine in moderation.” Now, if only sweets didn’t taste so good that would make it much easier!

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