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When it comes to grace, style, and success as a Black woman in Hollywood, Angela Bassett is the bar. She’s continued to set Hollywood ablaze throughout her decades-long career and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

The Oscar-nominated actress is gracing the February cover of InStyle magazine and not only does she look absolutely breathtaking on the cover, but she also used the feature to embrace what it means to fight for your worth as a Black woman in Hollywood. “Everyone wants to keep the lights on, but I’ve never been motivated solely by money or fame,” she told the magazine. “For me, it’s always and only been for the joy of following my dreams. That’s what makes me feel alive. Now, it’s good to be paid. That is one thing that I’ve said to myself since early on in my career. I mean, I literally would say, “I want to work in roles that can change me and change the conversation. I want to work consistently. And I want to be paid fairly.” It’s about knowing your worth and standing on it. Being in positions and places where your worth is appreciated is a good thing. I’m glad that it can influence others. There is a bit of me that’s from a generation where we don’t talk openly about things like that. But I understand what generation this is today.”

And following her dreams certainly looks good on the Yale-educated actress who’s played roles like Rosa Parks, Betty Shabazz, and Tina Turner, a role the actress says was the most emotional for her. When asked about the role, she explained, “I truly was and still is the most difficult and emotionally, spiritually, physically demanding role that I’ve ever portrayed. That was the assignment. And in that moment, I learned how strong internally I could be. I ached from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I lost my voice. If there was one more step I could take before sleeping, I had to take it or I would feel like I cheated and was in a deficit the next day. I know that if you do everything in your ability, to the best of your ability, you’ve won. Then you can rest your head.”

It was probably that role where fans truly fell in love with the actress and her toned physique, which is attributed to Angela’s consistent workout routine. “I always feel stronger when I work out, but it’s mind over matter,” she explained. “It’s something that I need to do for my head, not just for looking good. It’s very helpful for my stress level.”

But when it comes to looking and feeling good – the natural way –  the actress believes that age is nothing but a number, telling the magazine that “when we take care of ourselves, we do look good for our age, whatever age that is,” and we couldn’t agree more! She continued, “I don’t really wear makeup if I don’t have to. I’m trying to just keep healthy skin that I don’t need to cover up. Of course, I have things that I deal with, like hormonal changes and melasma. But I feel like so much of who we are is on the inside. So if you’re stressed, it shows, and it shows in your skin.”

For the magazine’s cover photo, the actress wore an all-black ensemble where she looked absolutely flawless. “THE BLUEPRINT *AND* THE MOMENT!” InStyle captioned their accompanying Instagram post. “Bow down to #AngelaBassett in all her glory and this @maisonalaia couture.”

The actress also looked stunning in all her melanated glory for the magazine’s photo shoot, as she rocked beautiful purple and black gowns while giving us body goals and showing off her toned arms.

The February 2022 issue of InStyle with Angela Bassett will be available on newsstands and for download on January 14th.
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