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Since before I can remember I was being told relationships advice from one person or another. Throughout life we are bombarded with it and it takes some thought and experience to determine what is good advice and what isn’t. Here are a few places that I have seen give relationship advice:

1. Female Guardian: She is the one that is there consoling you when your first heartbreak happens and also the one many people look up to for a guide to relationships. She has given advice since elementary school, “He picks on you because he likes you.” through the present “Find a man that treats you right.” Some people even want to mimic their guardian’s relationships or maybe her strength in relating with men.

2. Friends: Your girlfriends begin to become more important in your teens and twenties. Everyone knows the stereotype of a breakup where a girl goes crying to her girlfriends who are ready with a box of Kleenex and a pint (or maybe more) of Ben & Jerry’s. I remember my own friends saying “He TOTALLY likes you.” and “He just didn’t deserve you.”

3. Media: Relationships are a major plot in television and film. Television shows like Girlfriends and movies like Love & Basketball both have major relationship themes. Some of these stories are more of a dream than a reality for many people, but it doesn’t stop people from hoping. There are many people who are hopeless romantics and part of that is due to media.

4. Celebrities: With the seemingly fairy tale romances of Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, and the Obamas, it is no wonder people look at celebrities longingly and wish they had that relationship luck. Hearing those celebrities talk lovingly about their partners creates a ping of jealousy and also makes me wonder what I can do or learn from them to improve my own relationships.

So, who are your relationship role models?

Is Marriage part of your dreams?

Do you have dating deal breakers?

Here is another role model, Hello Beautiful, with How to Flirt!

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