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Name: Jessica Zyrie 

IG: @thejessicazyrie

Agency: MMG Models 

Claim To Fame: Zyrie has appeared in a campaign for Absolut. She has also walked the runway for Joy Kimono. 

Jessica Zyrie was walking along a beach, in her hometown of Texas, when she stumbled across a photoshoot and was asked the question, “have you ever thought about modeling?” 

A few years later she was having her makeup done backstage at FashionBombDaily’s New York Fashion Week runway presentation. 

“I started networking with photographers who were near me in Texas and I ended up moving out to New York,” she told HelloBeautiful. 

Naturally she seriously considered what she would have to let go to pursue modeling in Manhattan including a significant amount of “creature comforts.” She had become familiar with the area when serving on the runways season after season. She walked for Luooif Studio, Elier Aubret, and others before relocating. 

“Living in Texas, it’s a lot more spacious” she noted.

“There are a lot of opportunities in New York and I didn’t mind if I had to sacrifice some comfort.” She described the decision to leave home behind take a huge risk by relocating  to Harlem as slightly “scary.”

Still she believes it was the right thing for her to take her career to the next level. “It’s a lot of networking and hustling,” she said. “It’s a lot of who you know.” 

Networking and hustling from her home in the south on a consistent basis led Zyrie to a contract with MMG models. She hopes her presence can aid the progress towards true inclusion being slowly implemented in the industry. 

“I want to be a part of changing the industry,” she said. 

“You know with modeling historically there was a very specific look that was pushed, a very specific kind of woman that was pushed,” she continued. 

“That’s one of my things I would love to see more.” 

Some of the opportunities Zyrie would like to see extended to those who don’t fit the traditionally modeling mold come from modeling calls held by designers and stylists working in independent shows like Fashion Bomb Daily’s. Founded by Claire Summers Fashion Bomb Daily has championed independent designers since its creation. 

Platforms like Fashion Bomb Daily, Harlem’s Fashion Row, and Harlem Fashion Week offer opportunities for designers who often have not yet had the support of a conglomerate or major investor. Zyrie previously walked in a show hosted by Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Week. 

Zyrie expressed appreciation for her role in the show saying “I love Claire.” She also described herself as “honored,” and “excited,” to participate. 

“It means a lot,” she said. “I think a lot of times people try to overlook independent shows and artists.” 

“This is where fashion starts,” she declared. 


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