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It was a year of first for fashion. First Africa had a inaugural fashion collective and now it is the big girls turn! June 25-27 in NYC was the very first Full Figured Fashion Week, which Kim Coles hosted. According to American Demographics, in America alone, there are 40 million women over size 14, spending $25 billion a year on clothing, or a quarter of all clothing sales! There hasn’t been any full figured representation in high fashion, though, until now! Fifteen designers flaunted their amazing interpretations of fashion for the plus size fashionista in a variety of ways! From swimwear to outerwear and everything in between.

The goals of the event were to get people more conscious of plus size women and the struggles they have shopping. Also, the event was a wake-up call for clothing producers to see the type of audience they are missing.

This is much needed as the size of a fashion model is shrinking along with the patience of many full figured women. I would argue many people couldn’t name 5 plus size models, but could easily name five non-plus ones. We know the queen of fashion, Anna Wintour, isn’t too happy about this recent development, based on her statement that “I had just been on a trip to Minnesota where I can only kindly describe most of the people that I saw as little houses, and I just felt like there’s such an epidemic of obesity in the United States. And for some reason everyone focuses on anorexia … We need to spend money, time, and education on teaching people to eat , exercise, and take care of themselves in a healthier way.”

The past 10 years has seen major improvement in this area. Now there are at least select brands that produce some very cute clothes for big, beautiful women, however it is not surprising for a full figured woman to have to shop online or search weeks before finding a great outfit. These women should be able to spend a day shopping where she doesn’t have to sit behind a computer screen and stare at pictures. Maybe this will be the breakthrough for plus size fashion.

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