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We’ve all heard the “age ain’t nothin but a number” pearl of wisdom more than once. But is it actually true? At the risk of sounding close minded, I’m going to say that age USUALLY represents a whole lot more than a number. I’m saying usually because, obviously, maturity levels obviously vary from person to person, regardless of age. But what are some signs that your man might really be, well, too old? Here are some:

1. Your man says things like “When I was your age…” Statements like this can take you from a hot and heavy moment to making you feel like you’re chillin with your grandfather.

2. You feel “behind” your man. Even a minimal age gap in a relationship can mean that the people in it are not experiencing life milestones at the same time. For example, imagine that you are a college student dating a man who has been out in the working world for a couple of years. Although you may only be five years apart in age, the experiences that this man has of the world COULD be very different from yours. You may then feel “behind” your man in all that he has seen and accomplished.

Ditch that older man and work on your abs!

3. You’re getting ready for the club and he’s getting ready for bed. You get what I mean: having an older man in your life sometimes means they have a “been there, done that” attitude about activities and experiences that you’re still enjoying. This could leave you feeling dumb and, well, young.

Leave your older man as a friend instead!

What do you think, Hello Beautiful? Is age really just a number??

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