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Lamar Odom just put his size 16 foot in his mouth amid a petty social media dispute with Karlie Redd. In case you missed it, or stopped watching Love & Hip Hop ATL seasons ago, Karlie Redd and Lamar Odom were dating. And by the looks of things, it didn’t end well. While that’s no surprise (both parties are known for being messy), Lamar is being called out after attempting to take the high road by insulting all women who weren’t born with the last name, Kardashian. Now say what?

The verbal sparring seemingly began when Karlie made headlines for reposting a “quote,” about a former lover, who needs rehab and not a “relationship.” While Karlie claimed “everything is not always about me,” Lamar denied currently being on drugs and said he needed rehab from the “toxic” women he’s encountered in his life. Not his queen Khloe Kardashian, of course.

“Now I’m not going to go low like you’re doing, take jabs, tell lies because at the end of the day I was married to a Kardashian so anything less than that is like going from sugar to sh*t,” the former LA Laker wrote under the post on popular social media news site TheNeighborhoodTalk

If that wasn’t odd enough, he went as far as tagging himself the #firstblackkardashian. Have a seat, bro.

Fans quickly noted the Kardashian stanza and immediately denounced the baller turned reality TV star. “I was with him til he brought up being married to a Kardashian,” one commenter wrote. “I was with him till he basically called black women sh*t and he’s the black kardashian,” wrote another.

Lamar’s asinine comment is a prime example of how some Black man glorify white women at the expense of Black women. As if the Kardashians haven’t capitalized off style trends created by Black women and Black culture as a whole. Furthermore, if divorcing a Kardashian is the benchmark of success for Odom — a first round draft pick in the NBA and Olympic medal winner — it is him who really needs therapy.


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