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Alicia Keys - Keys Soulcare

Source: Keys Soulcare / Keys Soulcare

When it comes to skincare, Alicia Keys has been vocal about her struggles with adult acne. So much so that she launched Keys Soulcare, a wellness and skincare platform that is dedicated to educating women on practices that nurture their mind, body, and spirit.

A huge theme in overall brand, as well as the skincare collection, is speaking gently to yourself. “You can’t believe how powerful words are,” Keys said in an interview with Refinery29.

For that reason, affirmations are an intricate part of her products. “I think so many of us feel a certain way about our body and even our experience in our body,” she expressed. “So I love that with the Hand + Body Wash, for example, the mantra is ‘I love myself as I am.’ I mean, rub that on your body, think of that, and I feel like it changes everything for the day.”
Imagine lathering the part of your body that makes you feel the most insecure, while chanting ‘I love myself as I am.’ How powerful is that?! Developing daily habits of positive self-talk around your body builds confidence and provides the structure for a healthy self image.
Keys also details that having positive energy around her contributed to having healthy skin.
“For me, I’ve realized that the glow is about what’s surrounding you, what energy you’re holding and keeping, what people are around you; When my skin was not good, it’s because the energy around me was not good. That’s why Keys Soulcare is all about creating the good energy that we all need,” she continued.
As a person who uses affirmations in every aspect of my life, it makes complete sense to incorporate positive self-talk into your skincare regimen. For the next couple of weeks, I challenge you to say some affirmations while washing your face. Document the changes from day one to the day you finish. I guarantee you the changes will be more than external.

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