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Whew Chile. The last 24 hours have exposed what Black folk have always known to be true — white privilege is alive and well. Not that we needed an insurrection to prove it, but apparently the rest of America did. We watched white thugs scale walls and storm the Capitol building like savages — some bold enough to take selfies with Capitol police while others posed with their feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to watch, it became unbearable to read on social media where alt-right supporters took to their Twitter soap box to spew more racist rhetoric. One of them was beauty influencer and vlogger Amanda Ensing, who has a history of making dumb a** comments. But not ta-day. Beauty boss and melanin queen Jackie Aina had time and their Twitter exchange is as enjoyable as today’s wypipo memes.

The Twitter confrontation began when Ensing tweeted a photo of rioters implying Trump was being cheated out the election to which Aina responded posing the rhetorical question as to who is to blame for the alt-right rebellion.

Aina’s comment sparked a series of exchanges that left Ensing looking like the fool she is. Fellow beauty influencer Shayla also jumped in to check Ensing and accusing Ensing of darkening her skin and curling her hair to appear more ethnic.

All of which would make sense seeing how she told Jackie Aina, on a press trip years ago, that her brand was too white.

Ensing faced backlash last November when she revealed she voted for Trump, which was surprising since she is a proud woman of color. But according to the 29-year-old influencer Claiming any race or ethnicity to a certain [political] party is disgusting.” Ensing once compared herself to the the Biblical figure Esther in a Tik Tok, which explains Jackie Aina’s Esther* correction in another tweet.

Before the Twitter exchange eventually extinguished, content creator Alissa Ashley jumped in with one final blow to Ensing.


And that’s on Mary Had A Little Lamb. 


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