As if we needed another reason to work on getting flat abs.

Many people associate being hugely overweight with early death. However, new research shows that even being at a seemingly normal weight can reduce your life span.

Tobias Pischon, MD, says,

“I was surprised that even people who would be considered normal weight in terms of their [body mass index] have a higher risk of death if their waist circumference is increased.”

This is in reference to a 10-year European study which found that individuals with a higher Body Mass Index had a greater risk of death than those of average weight. However, scientists found that this issue also applies to those with a greater waist circumference as well as those who are overall heavier individuals.

As women, we know that getting rid of that spare tire is the hardest part of working out. So what gives?! Are we all supposed to just starve ourselves in order to live longer? Not so, say researchers. Read the full article on

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