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Chakra Khan Eyeshadow Palate

Source: Jankail Sherri / Chakra Khan

I am a makeup girl. The contour, the lashes, the lip, the blush – I love it all and I love the feeling of getting all glammed up for a night out. Although I love almost everything about makeup, I’ve always stayed away from eye shadow to complete my look. Not because I don’t like the pop of color a nice eye shadow shade gives, I’ve just never found the perfect color combination to replicate the amazing looks I see the girls wearing on TV, in magazines, or on social media.

Luckily for me, the Black-owned cosmetic brand Jankail Sherri reached out to me with news of their new product; the Chakra Khan eyeshadow palette, and sent me the palette to try for myself. The palette has complementary colors for every skin tone, is water-resistant and infused with primer for long-lasting wear, and is energy infused for the everyday woman who struggles with finding what’s right for her, like me.

The 30 different colors on the palette are handpicked to ensure each look is expressive and explosive. The shades are a fabulous mix of mattes, shimmers, and glitter giving me a plethora of options to mix and match so I can try many different combinations. With the holidays right around the corner, my immediate personal favorites are the gold glitter color mixed with the matte brown. The color combination gave me an extra shimmer and looked great on my melanin skin and is just enough glam for my upcoming virtual holiday parties!

Jankail Sherri was founded by entrepreneur and professional makeup artist, Jankail Adams, who personifies “Beauty in Living Color”. As a native of Pennsylvania, Jankail bridges the divide between our emotional and spiritual selves to the world of makeup. She believes that makeup is the self-confidence that you apply directly to your face and specializes in producing makeup products, apparel, and full glam from bridal to in-studio.

In addition to the Chakra Khan eyeshadow palette, Jankail Sherri also features lipsticks, brush sets, and lipgloss, all retailing under $50. She also has a holiday bundle deal going on right now that’s the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite makeup queen!

From one picky make-up connoisseur to another, I hope you’ll find that the Chakra Khan eyeshadow palette is the gift that keeps on giving!

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