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Zena Foster Beauty

Source: Zena Foster Beauty / Zena Foster Beauty

This is the year that I officially decided to upgrade my skin care and beauty routine. Due to quarantine, I took a break from daily makeup use and spent the extra time at home to really focus on keeping my skin feeling hydrated and looking youthful instead. I tried everything from peels to cleaners to creams to get the glow I wanted, but it wasn’t until I got my hands on Zena Foster Beauty products that I finally started to see real results!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Zena Foster last month where she introduced me to Zena Foster Beauty products and offered to send me a Zena Foster Beauty care package so I could try all of her beauty tools for myself! Thanks to Zena, my package arrived only a few days later and when it did, I couldn’t wait to turn my home into a day spa, just like we talked about!

Zena Foster Beauty

Source: Zena Foster Beauty / Zena Foster Beauty

The care package included all of Zena’s signature beauty items such as the Polished Exfoliating Mittens, the Sonic Gold Beauty Bar and the High Roller Face and Body Massager. Each item was individually packaged in Zena’s signature black and white packaging–a color scheme she did on purpose to ensure her products remain gender neutral.

I received two Polished Exfoliating Mittens, one for each hand, which were individually wrapped in plastic. They came together in a plastic Zena Foster Beauty branded zip up pouch, making them perfect for storing or traveling. The Sonic Gold Beauty Bar and the High Roller Face and Body Massager also arrived in separate packaging, but came with an adorable black velvet drawstring pouch, also perfect for each storing and traveling.

I used Zena’s signature product first– the Polished Exfoliating Mitts–and as she promised, they became an instant favorite. Sure, I’ve used exfoliating brushes in the shower before but wearing an exfoliating tool as a mitten helped to really get the dead skin off of my most stubborn places. They were very easy to use and only required warm water to get started. They also come with instructions on how to easily care for the mitts, including storing and cleaning after use, to ensure longevity with the product.

Zena Foster Beauty

Source: Zena Foster Beauty / Zena Foster Beauty

Next, I tried out the Sonic Gold Beauty Bar which I also thoroughly enjoyed. Because it’s battery operated, it required less work on my end and helped my face feel energized and refreshed. The High Roller Face and Body Massager produced a similar feeling, but because it’s manual, I felt a little more comfortable using it on the more sensitive areas of my face and neck. Using both however, definitely helped get the blood flowing in my face and neck and gave me a more energized appearance than before. When I spoke with Zena, she recommended using both tools before applying makeup to give yourself a more contoured look and eliminate the need to contour as heavy with makeup, so I’m excited to give it a try before my next at-home glam session.

Overall, Zena Foster Beauty products get a 10/10 from me. They’re affordable, easy to use, easy to travel with and produce great results! Finally, my skin will get the glow it deserves even during those cold and dry winter months!

For more on Zena Foster Beauty, visit her website.

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