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Another day, another nail trend. This time it’s the lipstick nail. As its name suggests, the style transforms a regular square-shaped nail tip by filing it at a slant to resemble lipstick in the tube. Think the ever-popular coffin shape meets stiletto-shaped nails.

While most people (besides hard-core nail enthusiasts and nail technicians) were introduced to the shape through a Megan Thee Stallion post over the summer, according to Allure magazine the trend was started by Park Eunkyung. A deep dive into Eunkyung’s Instagram profile and it looks like the talented South Korean nail artist and nail art designer began sharing the trend with the public in 2018, but the style has been around since 2015.

If you feel like you are late to the movement, rest assured you’re not. Shannon Thomas, owner of HNM Glam Spot in Atlanta, says that the style just started to gain notoriety in recent months. “The trend was popular in the beginning of the year and found to be more in style during the pandemic and by younger age groups.” Not sure if the design works for you? Take a look at the many ways to work lipstick nails below, then go and book your appointment.

1. Keep It Simple

Think the slanted shape might be a little too much for your usual choices? A nude color and a few strategically placed nail charms will keep your hands looking stylishly classy.

2.  Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Looking for a perfect way to show your support for a project? This nail technician’s Good News homage to Megan Thee Stallion is equal parts sexy and fun.

3. Make It Designer

Fashion labels aren’t just for clothing. Pair classic colors with a classic brand and voilà.

4. Get Literal

Sometimes you just need to be direct. This design leaves little to the imagination. The nails are sculpted into a perfect tube of MAC lipstick.

5. Try A Fiery Mix

Not quite ready to give up your stiletto, coffin, or square-shaped nails? You don’t have to. Mix your chosen nail shapes in one set, add some foiled flames, and be prepared for the compliments to follow.

6. When You Like ‘Em Long

The longer the nails, the closer to God, or whatever they’re saying. The thing about an extra long nail set is that the lipstick shape can be a little more subtle — and so can the color palette.

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7. A Fendi Fact

If you like them short, but still want the dramatics, let this Fendi lipstick nail shaped acrylic set serve as your inspiration. Fendi prints, pink acrylic, clear acrylic, and gold foil come together like the stones in Thanos’ infinity gauntlet.

8. The Girls Are Talking

Or at least, they will be. In the spirit of go big or go home, mix 3D nail art sculpting, chrome, lines, and super lengthy claws to get a set no one will forget. The open mouths seem appropriate here, don’t you think?

9. It’s Electric

The beauty of this latest trend is you don’t have to do much to stand out. An electric blue with a little bit of shine transforms your basic manicure.

10. Wild Thing

Snakeskin is always the answer. The easiest way to throw a little razzle-dazzle on a neutral backdrop is with animal print. Added bonus: It matches every outfit.

11. Neon Lights

Brighten up any day with this neon pink and yellow combination. The nude accent nail, gold foil, and glossy finish? *chef’s kiss*

12. A Dark Lippie

Can you really go wrong with a dark lip? Perfect for fall or a formal event, black matte serves as the base for this set. From there, the possibilities are endless.

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13. Hang It In The Louvre 

If you have a nail artist that loves a challenge, have her re-create this set. The lipstick shape isn’t too sharp, the application is flawless, and the art is on Picasso.

14. Sweet Dreams

Doing a lot never looked so good. Marble nails and glow-in-the-dark combine to create this white ombré set. Gold foil is like the parsley of the nail world, so go ahead and throw that in, too.

15. Ruby Woo Me

Just like a tube of your favorite red lipstick, a simple red dresses up any hand. With this vibrant color, you don’t need much else, but add two accent nails and you’re done!

16. It’s Better In 3D

What better way to accent this unusual shape than 3D flower art? The mocha-colored base is the perfect backdrop to add depth and pizzazz.

17. Ease Into It

Not into super flashy nails? You can still rock the lipstick design. This artist went a more natural route, with slanted highlighter tips are painted on short, natural nails. Add a gel topcoat and you’re done.

18. It’s a 90s Thing

The geometric shapes and Fresh Prince-esque colorway will have you wanting to head to Fayetteville, North Carolina. The gold nail jewels and black lines just set the look off.

19. Hello, Kitty

Nostalgia is always an option. The cotton candy nail color and 3D Hello Kitty combo transports you to simpler times.

20. Take It Off

If you are feeling doubtful about your ability to function fully in lipstick nails, you could always try nail gloves. Wear the trend how and when you want to without sacrificing typing, grooming, or any of your day-to-day activities.

21. You Don’t Have To Choose

Ever had to decide if you wanted a glossy or matte finish and stalled? Well, now you don’t have to make a choice. Lipstick shaped nails look good in both, so why not rock a different finish per hand?

22. Let’s Call It Vintage

Remember colored French manicures and bright lined nail art? In 2017 this nail artist combined the two trends and executed it flawlessly. Who wouldn’t mind a trip down memory lane?


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