MaintIf you are a dedicated acrylic wearer, you know how harsh they can be on your nails, especially if you don't do a good job of taking care of them. Regardless of what type of application you use—sculpted acrylic versus glued on tips, gel extensions or dip powder—there ends up being some wear and tear on your natural nails. Anyone who is committed longterm to nail extensions needs to be asking how to strengthen your nails after acrylics, so you don’t instead find yourself asking ‘why are my nails soft and bendy?’

Have you become an ingredient detective? Whether it is food, hair care, or skincare, you've probably become more aware of what you put in and on your body. Like the old adage says, "if you knew better, you do better" and do better you shall.

A new look is gaining popularity among your favorite natural hair gurus and influencers: passion twists. This style appears as if Senegalese twists and goddess locs had a baby, with two-strand twists that seem to slowly unravel, leading to silky, cascading curls.

If you ask an expert, they’ll tell you that doing your eyebrows at home is flat out not a good idea. Oftentimes, do it yourself eyebrows turn into an over-plucked, channeling ‘90s pencil-thin situation that takes serious patience to overcome (AKA grow out). Times are different now, though, and if you plan on eyebrow shaping at home, you want to consider all your options.

Whether you’re looking to thicken and strengthen your strands while battling hair loss, or to brighten skin to reduce hyperpigmentation, the beauty remedy you’ve been waiting for could come to you in an unexpected package. There are tons of hair and skin treatments (some that have been used for years) that are being unearthed to address some of our most stubborn cosmetic issues.

It's happening again. You found your new signature scent after a recommendation from a friend and after a few hours of wearing it, you start to get a headache and your skin starts to itch. "I don't understand," you think, "I bought one of the most expensive brands out there." Here's the thing, it's not what's in your wallet that is the problem, it's what is in the bottle. Have no fear. A sensitivity, or even an allergy to perfume does not mean you have to relinquish your fragrance fantasies.

There’s nothing better than a fresh manicure. But with every day that passes, you’re biding your time until your nail polish starts chipping away, and you need to schedule a new appointment. Time is a factor, of course, but taking showers, washing dishes, and even opening packages can all contribute to a shorter life span for your mani.

Like its name suggests, the lipstick nail trend transforms a regular square shaped nail tip by filing at a slant to resemble lipstick in the tube. Think the ever trendy coffin nail shape meets stiletto shaped nails. Not sure if the shape works for you? Take a look at the best lipstick nail manicures.

DIY hair masks have become extremely popular on YouTube and social media over the past ten years. As we already know, kinky, curly, and coily hair textures need an abundance of moisture and added protein to thrive, so it’s no wonder that we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to give our hair the TLC it needs. Fortunately, many of those magic ingredients that work, such as avocado, banana, coconut, apple cider vinegar, and mayonnaise, that are found in pricey hair products can also be found right in your kitchen. 

Whether you want to tighten things up, get that post-vacay rejuvenated glow, or just skip a few steps when getting ready for the day, the options are really endless on what you can do to look and feel your best. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 nonsurgical treatment trends, complete with benefits and budgets.

Let's face it, celebrities endorse a lot of products and can make anything look good. But what items are actually worth your dollars? Here are 10 celebrity-owned beauty companies that are reviewer-approved.