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Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

Protective styles are a great way of limiting hair manipulation. After approximately 1 month with my hair styled in a bun or ponytail, it was time to let my mane down and allow it to breathe. If you’ve been following my hair reviews, you’ll know that I started using rice water in the beginning of my time in quarantine. Since March, it’s been a staple in my routine. Now that my hair has grown longer, I find it necessary to try new products to maintain moisture, help with elasticity, and increase the sheen and volume.

As someone who is often on the market for natural hair products, I was excited to learn that Lush Cosmetics launched a collection of products for natural, kinky and coily hair textures. The line is spearheaded by Sarah Sango, a Black haircare specialist with over 19 years in the business. With her knowledge family recipes and tons of experience styling Black hair, Sarah worked together with the Lush team to create a collection of innovative products that would take natural hair care to the next level.

Lush gifted me an array of items that I was eager to try out. Because my hair had been styled and manipulated so much over the last month or so, it was vital for me to restore some moisture into my hair. Of their extensive collection, I used the the Glory Conditioner ($12.95,,  the Super Milk Conditioning Hair Primer ($19.95,, the Curl Power Hair Cream ($16.95,, and the Renee’s Shea Soufflé Hair & Scalp Oil ($16.95,

My hair was a dry, brittle mess before my wash day. With gel and hairspray being the main source of moisture, it was really important for me to use allow the deep conditioner to penetrate my mane. I washed my hair and left the conditioner in for about 20-30 minutes. I rinsed, and went on to apply the Super Milk Conditioning Hair Primer, the Curl Power Hair Cream, and the Hair and Scalp Oil. I typically style my hair with ecostyler gel to hold my twist outs. This time around, I decided to let my hair dry some, and then twist it without gel.

Marsha B

Source: Kerry / Marsha B

This method created bigger, shiny, defined curls. Because the hair was slightly air-dried, it stretched my tresses, giving it more body and volume. I captured my hair in a photo, but it really did it no justice at all. The next day, my hair was packed with even more moisture, and more volume!

Ummm… I’m in love!

As my hair continues to grow, I’m glad I found a product that will keep it bouncy. Nothing’s worse than flat hair with no movement. Judging from the power of the deep conditioner, I’m sure their co-wash works well. Initially I didn’t have a favorite product, but after some thought, I realized just how useful the hair and scalp oil is. After re-twisting my hair for the 3rd time, I used more hair oil for additional moisture. Because it isn’t your traditional oil, applying it to my hair was so easy! This will be my go-to item for those days where I have Miss Celie twists in.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend the natural hair care collection by Lush. You can check out the products I used, and much more, on the Lush website.


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