Here’s a list of foods you want to try to cut out of your diet if you’re trying to rev up your metabolism and shed pounds:

1) SUGAR: Eating too much sugar overloads your body and causes your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. This in turn makes your body go into conservation mode meaning that you will store extra fat and burn less calories. To make sure this does not happen you need to reduce your intake of refined sugars as much as possible. That means cutting down on the candy, chocolate, cakes and cookies as much as possible. If you still want something sweet try eating some fruit. Unlike refined sugars, most fruits contain fructose which does not cause your blood sugar levels to rise.

2) WHITE BREAD: White bread is made from wheat flour which then has the bran and germ removed. White bread is bleached to remove any yellow color which destroys many of the vitamins contained in the wheat plus it is full of sugar. This means that it is very easily digested, has a low nutritional value and is low in dietary fiber. When processing white bread your body burns very few calories and it also causes your blood sugar levels to rise. I know you have probably heard it many times before but by substituting white bread for a wholemeal variety you can really boost your metabolic rate. Wholemeal bread is harder to digest (so burns more calories whilst being processed), has a greater nutritional value and most importantly does not cause your blood sugar levels to rise in an uncontrolled way.

3) ALCOHOL: Alcohol is full of sugar and calories which (as you probably know by now) restrict your metabolic rate. Alcohol is also known to have a dehydrating effect and as I discussed in my last article, if you are not fully hydrated your metabolism does not work as effectively. Moderate consumption of alcohol is not going to have a huge effect on your hydration levels but excessive consumption will. For most of us there are going to be times when we over indulge on alcohol so I am not going to advise you to give up alcoholic beverages. However, you should make an effort to reduce the amount you are drinking.

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