We wonder why we never see these two together anymore?? Well it seems like Bey’s parents have been separated for the last year.

According to, a nail salon regular is spilling the beans about Mathew and Tina Knowles.  Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Soulgirl

My mother is a friend of Tina Knowles. They often go to the same nail/hair salon together and catch up whenever Tina is in town. Tina told my mother that her and Mathew have been seperated for at least a year now and are living in different homes even though they have kept their main house.

Tina spends all her time running around after Beyonce and Solange and focusing on the clothing line which has kept her busy through the seperation. You won’t see them getting divorced anytime soon and they also remain dedicated to supporting both of their daughters. Mathew’s narrowmindness and lies have seen Tina turn her back on him and his dealings. She will always love Mathew but she can no longer live in his controlling ways.

Check out Mathew and Tina’s favorite girl below:

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