First up, while rare, men like Mathew Knowles can still develop this type of cancer.

Mathew Knowles believes that colorism has played a part in Beyoncé‘s success. Beyoncé has been dominating the music industry for over 20 years–both as part of Destiny’s Child and on her own. However, TMZ.com reports he mused that talent alone was not enough to get her to the top of the industry as he discussed […]

Michelle Williams got real about how serious her struggle with depression really was during the height of Destiny’s Child’s fame. When the singer dropped by The Talk recently, the topic of mental health came up. Michelle took time to share that the subject hit close to home for her because she has been suffering with […]

Mathew Knowles is holding a one day bootcamp-like event on October 24th in Houston for those trying to break into the industry.

  Mathew Knowles is trying to put a gag on his most recently revealed baby’s mother by keeping her off camera. TaQoya Branscomb had a lot to say in her first TV interview a few weeks ago. Hopefully she said everything she needed to say because TheJasmineBrand.com reports that Mathew has just slapped her with […]

Wendy Williams may have just crossed a line while chatting about Mathew Knowles‘ newest baby’s mother. TaQoya Brascomb has insisted that she wasn’t being an opportunist in a statement to family court. She revealed her daughter with Mathew, a 4-year-old cutie named Koi, to the world last week. The real estate agent claims that she […]

Mathew Knowles‘ latest baby mama, TaQoya Branscomb is offended that anyone would label her as an opportunist. Once a lingerie model and now a real estate agent, people have accused TaQoya of looking for a comeup when she hooked up with Mathew. It’s not that people hadn’t been saying it since news of his youngest […]

Tina Knowles opened up about how she grappled with self-esteem for years until she began putting herself first! One would never know it to look at her daughters Beyoncé or Solange, two incredibly confident women, but Tina wasn’t always as self-assured as she appears to be. During her speech at the Women & Money Leadership […]

Mathew Knowles thinks that Solange‘s elevator fight with Jay Z was a masterfully executed marketing ploy. Everyone’s been keeping a much closer on Jay and Beyonce since video of Solange going HAM on Hov surfaced back in May. There have been persistent divorce rumors for Bey to contend with as she and Jay set out on […]