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Though most of us proclaim we would pay just about anything to get rid of our dark circles, hyperpigmentation, or whatever skin issue we struggle with, often the price tags on the top-rated items make us a liar. Skincare is expensive — well most skincare I should say because POND’S is releasing a line of vitamin B3 and Retinol products next month and every single item is $7.99.

If you don’t know anything about retinol, that price may not shock you, but most serums and creams containing the vitamin A derivative are priced in the $70-$100 range, making these products literally one-tenth of the cost.

“Retinoids are multitaskers,” said Shari Marchbein, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at NYU School of Medicine, during a zoom call unveiling POND’s new Rejuveness Collection. “They literally do everything you can want them to do in the skin. They build collagen, they help with fine lines and wrinkles, they help with pigmentation, they minimize the appearance of our pores. They turn over the top layer of skin more quickly, so they can help to exfoliate that top layer of skin and give us a dewy, glowy look to our skin. They literally do almost everything.”

Vitamin B3, or Niacinamide, is a great multi-tasker as well, Dr. Marchbein added. “It’s one of my favorite antioxidants, it helps with hyperpigmentation and redness.”

Do you see now why reaping all of those benefits for $8 seems like a steal? POND’S specifically aimed to make its new Rejuveness Collection, which includes a Lifting & Brightening Eye Cream, Skin Tightening Serum, and Advanced Hydrating Night Cream, affordable by crafting them from more efficacious formulas. Every single item helps moisturize skin, improve elasticity, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

“You can do this for full face, neck, and chest,” Dr. Marchbein noted, pointing out that many people neglect their neck and chest area when it comes to skincare. You also don’t need to use a lot of product either. When it comes to the Skin Tightening Serum, she suggested, “Use a thin layer, a pea-sized amount, one pump, maybe two maximum, for face, neck, and chest.”



In addition to a very high level of Niacinamide which helps with hyperpigmentation under the eye, the Lifting & Brightening Eye Cream also has a blurring system that consists of silica and silicon elastomer “so immediately the appearance of the undereye looks smoother and more vibrant and more hydrated because of these other properties,” Dr. Marchbein explained.



As we pointed out in our skincare guide, fall and winter are two seasons where it’s particularly important to be mindful of your skincare regimen and make sure you are properly hydrating skin. Similarly, doing your due diligence at night is key to slowing down aging.

“Nighttime is the time that we are repairing our skin. We are forming collagen, we have an increase of blood flow to the skin at night and that’s why the products and the ingredients that we put on are so important because they’re actually absorbing more into the skin,” Dr. Marchbein said.

As such, her recommended regimen is a vitamin C serum and a moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning and then using some sort of vitamin A, whether a prescription retinoid or over-the-counter retinol, at nighttime, which is why this new line perfectly fits the bill.



If you’re new to retinoids, the price point of this new line makes it a great entry point into the retinol arena, Associate Brand Manager Stephanie Towner Lee noted. To ease into the space from a skincare perspective Dr. Marchbein recommended starting off using the line three times a week — Monday, Wednesday, and Friday — to see how your skin tolerates the ingredient and then build from there. Also, be mindful of mixing these products with other items in your skincare arsenal that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or BHAs like salicylic acid, which can be drying. “If you separate them by a night, you’re fine,” Dr. Marchbein said.

Now if you’re reading this article thinking you’re too young to consider anti-aging products, take note of this fact. “After age 25 we produce 1% less per year of collagen and so by the time we are 50 we’re actually not making any new collagen in our skin,” Dr. Marchbein explained.

It’s for that reason she recommends the use of anti-aging products starting at age 25 to slow down those fine lines you may start seeing in your 30s and additional wrinkles and sagging skin in your 40s and 50s.

“The idea is prevention. Just like when we talk about preventative cosmetic treatments, we want our skincare to be preventative, and the earlier we start it the better,” Dr. Marchnein said. “Starting retinoids earlier just means we’re building more collagen and enhancing naturally what our skin is already doing so there’s never a ‘too early.'”

Look out for the new POND’S® Rejuveness Collection at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide beginning in October.

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