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It has been well over 150 days since the untimely death of Breonna Taylor. Unfortunately there has been zero progression in arresting the officers who shot her while she was asleep. In fact, officers are attempting to incriminate Breonna instead of bring justice to her name. According to WDRB News, “Jamarcus Glover, the focus of a series of Louisville police raids, including one in which officers shot and killed Breonna Taylor, was offered a plea bargain last month if he would admit that Taylor was a member of his organized crime syndicate,” records show. “As part of the July 13 offer, Glover was to acknowledge that over a period of time through April 22 he and several “co-defendants,” including Taylor, engaged in organized crime by trafficking large amounts of drugs “into the Louisville community.”

It’s safe to say Breonna Taylor’s life isn’t valued by the US justice system. Because her murderers have not been arrested yet, celebrities are using their platforms to advocate for her. Oprah featured Breonna on the cover of O Magazine and a few celebrities were seen wearing “Arrest the Cops That Murdered Breonna Taylor” t-shirts. Tennis star Naomi Osaka brought the awareness to the courts of the US Open on Monday night.

Naomi donned a Breonna Taylor mask right before her match. This is one of many. “I have seven,” Osaka told reporters. “It’s quite sad that seven masks isn’t enough for the amount of names, so hopefully, I’ll get to the finals and you can see all of them.”

Can you imagine? If Naomi had a mask for every person killed because of police brutality, she’d have enough to last a few decades. There’s been an influx of athletes using their platform as a way to protest racial injustice. I’m proud of the way they’re stepping up to the plate. You can’t kill us and then expect us to keep you entertained.


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