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I’ll be the first to admit I often treat my body like skincare stops at my clavicle bone. I’m religious about showering twice a day and I will apply all the serums, oils, moisturizers, and eye creams to my face morning, noon, and night. But exfoliating my legs, treating the discoloration on my chest, applying lotions and balms? I’ll do it if I think about it — and if I feel like I have the time for it, which is rare.

Every so often I call myself committing to doing better, but the truth is ashy elbows and dark knees don’t stand out to me nearly as much as dark circles under my eyes so the commitment doesn’t last long. Olay, however, has made it really easy for me to get my act together with its new line of skincare-inspired body washes.

Olay Body Wash

Source: Olay / Procter & Gamble

The minute I saw hyaluronic acid and vitamin C on the packaging my interest was piqued. Vitamin C is my absolute favorite skincare ingredient. It has worked wonders on my face over the years, keeping my skin tone exceptionally even, so much so I thought, why didn’t I think to use this all over my body before? The Cleansing & Brightening Body Wash from Olay has vitamin C as well as vitamin B3 to hydrate as it helps your skin glow and reduces hyperpigmentation.

Olay Body Wash

Source: Olay / Procter & Gamble

Despite my partiality to vitamin C, I’ve actually been using the Cleansing & Nourish Body Wash for the past two weeks. My skin has been extremely dry and sensitive lately and after listening to two dermatologists sing hyaluronic acid’s praises as a gentle, hydrating agent, I figured this wash was the best place to start. Already, the dry patches of skin I once had have pretty much subsided, not to mention my skin feels soft to the touch like I’ve applied a lightweight lotion, which, more often than not, I haven’t.

Olay Body Wash

Source: Olay / Procter & Gamble

What I have been using in addition to the body washes, however, is Olay’s new Rinse-Off Body Conditioner. Fashioned after hair conditioners, this nourishing cream — infused with either shea butter or coconut oil — is designed to apply after cleansing and rinse off before exiting the shower. As someone who co-washes my hair every few days, it’s been really easy to add this step to my shower routine and double up on the moisture while I’m waiting for my other products to do their thing.

The added bonus of all of these items is my skin feels supple after showering — not greasy, oily, or slick. I can put on clothes immediately after use and not worry about residue on my clothes or sliding around in my house shoes, which immediately made me a fan. It’s also hard to argue with an $11 price point for the body washes and $8 for the conditioners considering most skin and hair care products go for double, if not triple that price.

Oh, and if taking my word for it isn’t enough, you know that glow you saw on Keke Palmer during the VMAs Sunday night? You can thank these premium body washes for it.

Keke Palmer Olay

Source: Keke Palmer / Olay


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