Breaking up is hard to do. And no, I’m not just talking about from a romantic relationship. Why is it that a lot of us women won’t (or say we won’t) tolerate disrepectful behavior from men, but continue to deal with toxic friendships? No matter the excuses that we continue to make to ourselves and others, sometimes enough is really enough!!

Here are some “friends” that belong in the enemy category:

1. The “why bother” friend: This friend claims to miss us, but never bothers to make plans with us or always cancels at the last minute. This person is into the friendship only when it is convienent for them-forget about them making any kind of effort for you.

Forget a toxic friend and expand your mind instead

2. The “I just keep it real” friend: This friend always has a “joking” insult or comment to put you in your place. They often justify their cruelty by saying things like “I’m sorry, I’m just honest” or by being annoyed that you can’t “take a joke.”

3. The “vampire” friend: After being around this friend, you may feel emotionally or even physically drained. This friend has more drama than the Lifetime Movie Network in their life and you always seem to be dragged right into it.

Do something healthy instead

4. The “classic two faced” friend: Some of us have had the pleasure of having our secrets spilled or our man taken by this “friend.”  Women often justify toxic friendships by the amount of time they’ve known their friend, but tolerating a two faced person for any amount of time is a recipe for resentment and sadness.

What do you think, hello beautiful? What are some more signs that it’s a wrap with a friend?

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