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Jane Harris was in desperate need of a hair solution when she founded The Virgin Hair Fantasy at 29-years-old. As a store manager on Madison Avenue, Harris felt like her thinning edges became distracting to her customers.

“People were constantly looking at my hair,” she explained in an e-mail correspondence. “I felt insecure about my hair for years, but at that time, I felt like I could do something about it. TVHF was my solution.” With a $500 loan from her husband, the Nigerian hair guru started her business making wigs.

Harris was determined to succeed and tap into her own insecurities to cater to women struggling with their hair. She poured her experience in retail and college focus on management and marketing into a profit in four months.

The $47 billion hair industry is oversaturated with vendors selling hair products, but what separates TVHF is their quality hair which is sourced from India and Malaysia and quality customer service, which can be attributed to Harris’ 15 years of retail experience.

“I think it starts with quality products,” Harris said. “We source our hair from great vendors in India and Malaysia. We have visited them several times to ensure the quality matches with what we expect. We depend on repeat business so, we want to make sure we get it right the first time.”

“We focus heavily on after the sale. We reach out to clients after the sale to ensure they’re doing well with their hair, see if they need any help. It’s not just about getting them to buy, but also keeping them happy. We do that with tutorials, customer service, gifts, products, and all the things that will help them on their wig wearing journey.”

Harris’ attentiveness to her customers, who she describes as “amazing,” adds to her top-notch customer service. “They want something quick, easy and effortless, but they don’t want to glue it down. They don’t want to have to deal with chemicals. Easy, breezy style, trendy, but not so trendy that they can’t wear it everyday. They’re sexy, sassy and want to look and feel their best.”

It’s been a long journey for Harris, who looks back on that day she decided to embark on her own business and leave behind her managerial job. “As soon as I gave them 30 day notice, there was no going back! I knew I wasn’t going to settle, there was no option for that.”

Giving up has never been an option for Harris. She stays motivated through her clients and children who watch her every step. “I get so many letters and emails from clients that suffer from hair loss. I have clients for whom our hair gives them the confidence boost they need. That’s what keeps me going and affirms that I’m on the right track, pursuing the right vision, she said. “My three children who look up at me and ask, “Mommy, what are you doing?” also motivate me. So, giving up, it’s not on the table.”

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