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As an editor at HelloBeautiful, if there’s anything I have done during my tenure here, it’s write about Angelica Ross hair…a lot.

Just like her acting career, the beloved Black trans actress’ tresses have mastered the art of versatility. Sis, can switch it up in an instant and still slay every step of the way! Whether it’s purple braids, a big old afro or a luxurious ponytail, Angelica can rock it all, and look fierce while doing it.

Well now apparently, she can cut it herself too, as she showed us over Memorial Day weekend when she gave herself the Big Chop.

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With her hair in two-strand twists and R&B playing in the background, the former Pose star was clear with her clippers in hand: “I have my hair twisted up, and I am about to do the Big Chop.”

Clearly a little anxiety-ridden, she reassures us (and herself) that she can do it.

“I’ve done this once before, and I can do it again,” she stresses. She then turns up tunes from H.E.R and others and gets to work, leaving a little but more on top. “We’re going to start a new chapter,” she says of her hair that will be later styled and colored.

Take a look:


Shortly after, Angelica posted another video of her washed lewk, with the caption, “Falling in love with myself all over again.”

“It was time to shed a new layer,” the melanated stunner said into the camera on her phone talking about what the stylist will do the next day, adding, “I am going to feel really good about this do. I feel free…it feels really good…Let’s get into my Lupita Nyong’o.

Can’t wait to see it!



In a separate video, before she grabbed those scissors she called up celebrity hairstylist Vernon François to talk about what this type of cut would mean for her as a trans woman.

“I’ve done the big chop before because I used to have a relaxer in my hair…and I have short hair before, and it was a process for me, it was very challenging for as a trans woman, not having hair, I was feeling some kind of way about myself,” she admitted.

“I had to look myself in the mirror and see that I was still a woman with or without all of that external stuff.”

Exactly! Hair doesn’t define your womanhood.

Now, this move doesn’t come as a huge surprise since Angelica was on Twitter recently flirting with the idea of starting fresh.

Whatever Angelica does with her hair, it’s a winner in my book. Now, go ahead of show us that finished, finished look sis!


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