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Some things in a relationship are (or should be) considered not acceptable. Cheating. Emotional and/or physical abuse. An obsession with Soulja Boy.

But what if, in an otherwise good relationship, you discover the unthinkable. You realize that the rocks on your engagement ring are not diamond-they are cubic zirconia. For anyone who doesn’t know, cubic zirconia is a low-cost diamond look alike that is often clearer and more flawless than an actual diamond would be.

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That’s right-you’ve been rocking a fake rock. You’ve been unknowingly showing off a deceptive stone sold in Wal-Marts around America.

Is this reason enough for a break up? To be clear, I am not saying that cubic zirconia itself is unacceptable. Maybe you’re the type of chick who doesn’t care about diamonds and you’ve decided with your man that a cubic zirconia ring is just fine. Also, perhaps your guy was unknowingly ripped off by a jeweler eager to cut costs or in the dark about the true nature of the “diamond.” This happens more then people think.

But what if, when confronting your man, he looks more guilty than surprised? What do you think, hello beautiful? Should you listen to his whines about the recession and the strain a real diamond ring would put on his wallet? Or would you keep feeling disrespected, thinking you should upgrade your man as well as your counterfeit rock?

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