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Mizani True Textures Collection

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Never in my life have I been more focused on hair care products. We’ve been isolated for weeks and during that time, I’ve dedicated to tend to my natural hair in an unprecedented way. I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to achieve healthy hair because in my journey to see my hair as beautiful, I learned healthy hair is good hair. I determined I have low porosity hair, which means my hair doesn’t easily retain moisture, therefore I should make hair masques and steamers my best friend. I don’t have a steamer, but the way Amazon is set up, they’re one click away. God must have heard my prayers because I received a DM from Mizani shortly after. And shortly after that, I received a large box containing their True Textures and 25 Miracle Collections.

Mama, I made it. I tore into the package and lifted the Moisture Replenish Shampoo and did a smell test. My nose was greeted by fresh coconut, olive, and marula oil. The sweet concoction was pleasing to my senses and soothing to my scalp. I guess I don’t have to say how fast I hopped in the shower to wash my hair.

I judge my hair products on a few things: scent, how soft it makes my hair feel, and how hydrated my hair feels after a good shampoo and condition. After lathering up my hair in a foamy fro, I anxiously poured a glop of Cream Cleansing Conditioner into my palm and rubbed it through my tresses until I felt a cool sensation come over my scalp. I followed up with the Moroccan Clay Steam Mask and in favor of my anticipation, I instantly fell in love. It felt like a spa day on my scalp. My hair felt soft and moisturized like they took a drink of water from a fresh spring. I was only half way through the collection and ready to rave about it all. After completing the cleansing and conditioning process, I followed-up with Mizani’s 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner and the 25 Miracle Cream. Slightly sweeter in scent, the Miracle Collection also smells like natural hair heaven in a bottle.

I usually bounce around from product to product and brand to brand, but I’ve determined I’m going to stick with this collection for a while to see how it helps my hair in the long run. Each product in the collection varies in price (starting at $16).

It’s definitely worth the splurge.


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