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Dove Amplified Textures Moisture Spa Recovery Mask Source: Dove / Dove

When a small box arrived, carrying a tote bag full of Dove products, I thanked the heavens above because I was in desperate need of hair products since I haven’t been able to visit the local beauty supply store.

The package contained Dove’s full Amplified Textures collection. From their Amplified Textures Hydrating Cleanse Shampoo to the Amplified Textures Shine & Moisture Finishing Gel, I had it all.

*Birdman handrub*

To know me is to know I love Dove products, mainly because the cleanly scent is unmatched. Their bar soaps provide moisture and cleanliness and their hair products smell like clean in a bottle. That was the first thing I did when I opened the jar, I smelled it. A whiff of shea butter mixed with aloe escaped the bottle. Because I’m sensitive to smells, I automatically knew it would eventually give me a headache. That isn’t to be confused with how good it smelled — I have a sensitive nose. I still proceeded to try out what my low porosity hair was craving the most — the Amplified Textures Moisture Spa Recovery Mask ($6.99). 

I washed my hair with the shampoo and followed up with the mask. It feel cool as I applied an abundance of it onto my hair and scalp. I immediately felt my hair soften underneath my finger tips. It felt good! As directed, I left the mask on for about five minutes then rinsed it off.

My curls felt refreshed and my hair didn’t feel as brittle or dry as it did when I first started. My strands felt quenched and that’s a big deal for me since my hair doesn’t easily retain moisture. I put it to the ultimate test and let my hair air dry. It still felt hydrated the next day!

This natural-girl friendly collection is another example of Dove getting it right when it comes to supporting the array of curly hair textures in the natural hair movement. With a price tag under $10, the brand continues to cater to every customer.


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