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Backstage with Saweetie

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The Coronavirus may be putting an end to social gatherings, but it’s not going to halt Saweetie’s grind. In addition to partnering with KISS for their Edge Fixer Glued Gel, the rapper is launching her very first makeup collection, Backstage with Saweetie. Partnering with Morphe, this dynamic duo is doing the most with beauty beats.

Although Saweetie is mostly known for her music, she decided to make the beauty, hair, and fashion industry her playground. From red carpet events, to the front row of fashion shows, her flair for a beat face, laid edges, and couture garments has consistently been on 10. For this reason, top brands have made her their muse. Who else would you want to draw inspiration from?

Her most recent collaboration with Morphe just might be the most exciting. Of all the brands to partner with, she picked one that perfectly fit her persona. After chatting it up with Saweetie, I could tell this was a match made in heaven. Her bubbly, down-to-earth personality completely represents the Morphe girl. “Ive always wanted to do something with makeup but starting your own company can be a hassle, so the I love the fact that I was able to collaborate with a company I’ve been using,” Saweetie told Hello Beautiful. “I love the colors. I feel like what you see is what you get and not a lot of makeup companies can say that. I also love that they’re affordable for the everyday girl because I’m the everyday girl. We collaborated for the spring/summer collection with these colors that are amazing. I’m just excited about this collection,” she continued.

Backstage with Saweetie collection

Source: Morphe / Morphe

Saweetie is allowing this opportunity to get her feet wet when it comes to navigating the beauty industry. She’s enamored with the brand that gave her the opportunity to express her creative side. “I learned a lot about launching (a beauty collection) and the stuff that goes on behind the scenes like developing a palette and strategy. Strategy is super important. I love how serious Morphe is about launching their collections. As you know, they’ve had a lot of successful collections so the fact that I’m the first artist that they’ve collaborated with means a lot to me,” she explained.

Saweetie refers to herself as the “everyday girl” and that she is. She wasn’t always the makeup connoisseur we see today. If we’re lucky, she might bless us with a YouTube channel that gives us the lowdown on how to recreate her beauty looks. “I definitely like showing my fans and people who are interested in makeup my makeup routine because I know what it feels like to only use foundation and an eyebrow pencil.  Now I know that there are so many steps. We all learn from each other and thats how I learned to do my makeup, through youtube,” she revealed.

When it comes to applying makeup, Saweetie has range. She teeters between simple glam looks, and bright, bold makeup. Her 24-palette offers the same diverse range. “I’m a neutral girl but when it comes to the night life I do like the vibrant colors. My day-to-day look is something that you’d find at the top of the palette and when it comes to me performing or going to a party or going out with my girls thats on the bottom half of the palette. Thats why its structured the way it is. Each color compliments the colors surrounding it so its an easy guide to follow,” said Saweetie.

Although the Morphe/Saweetie collaboration is exciting news, we can’t ignore the current pandemic on our hands. The worldwide hater, better known as the ‘Rona virus, has lots of companies and artists wondering, how do we proceed creatively, economically, and safely. “Ive been working on my music and this quarantine happened at the craziest time because I was about to release the music. Due to everything thats been going on, I think the focus is on the public’s health and staying safe so we’ve decided to withhold the release of new music just so that we can figure out whats going on in the world. When its time to turn up and have fun again, and when its safe to go outside, thats when I’ll be releasing my music,” Saweetie said.

Moschino - Arrivals - Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020-2021

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I mean the virus even tried to stop her fashion shine during Milan Fashion Week. “Whats crazy is they shut down Milan the day after I left. I mean I got lucky. Thank God. I would’ve been stuck out there,” she recalled.

Backstage with Saweetie officially launches today. Because of the Coronavirus, Morphe stores are closed until March 29th. Still, you can shop the collection on the Morphe website.

I am HYPED to sample this collaboration. How about you? Will you be supporting Backstage with Saweetie?


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