Volto Urbano Defense Gel & Moisturizing Blue Oil

Volto Urbano Urban Defense Gel

Source: Volto Urbano Urban Defense Gel / Courtesy of

Volto Urbano is a brand that recently came on my radar that focuses on skin type, environment and seasons—equally. It’s made in the USA and the brand focuses on protecting skin from man-made and natural climate irritants while including healing properties. The Urban Defense Gel ($80.00, not only refines pores and uneven texture but it also has a state of the art antioxidant and prebiotic protection from infrared light, HEV blue light ,and pollutant skin damage. Their Moisturizing Blue Oil ($60.00, delivers soothing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection into the skin’s outer layers. You can also add the oil to your moisturizing creams and masks for an extra oomph in your beauty routine!

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