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The “Rona” may be in the air, but so is love and although we are quarantined, rap legend Da Brat and beauty boss BB Judy (real name Jesseca Dupart) are popping out. Yes, the pair made their relationship official with a series of Instagram posts. With the first a simple confirmation, “yep!”


For those of us who know and love the hip hop legend, Da Brat, we know that her birthday isn’t until April 14th. However, thanks to COVID-19 no one knows where we will be and what we will be doing; I guess BB Judy figured, there is no time like the present. The beauty boss gifted her bae a white Bentley. She later posted her and Da Brat Bentleys with the caption, “HERS n HERS.”

While many of us peeped this romance was brewing a while ago, there are some who are surprised by the pop-out because the pair have made an attempt to keep things quiet but we all know the streets be watching( I am the streets). Yep, I peeped several things that pointed to their love affair with Da Brats being on BB Judy’s float during Mardi Gras being the last clue. Even Judy’s besties confirmed that this relationship wasn’t so new by commenting, “Since been and Been” However, despite how new or old the relationship is, it is obvious that our boy cupid has struck again. BB Judy, stated in video capturing the moment she revealed the gift to Da Brat, “I’ve never been SOOOO happy…”

Now we all know that the rapper is super private but when your spirit collides with another beautiful spirit it is damn near impossible to contain. Oh and, it is crystal clear that Da Brat and BB Judy have found something special in one another and we are here for it.

Who Is BB Judy? Well here are a few facts about the beauty boss.

Congrats to the bossed up couple!


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