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Mayvenn Wig Customization

Source: Mayvenn / Mayvenn

I saw a meme today that said, “Do I have coronavirus, or do I just need my hair done?” I chuckled aloud because, facts. The beauty industry is reeling after the widespread coronavirus left us all “on pause.” The salons and spas are closed indefinitely leaving many of us channeling our inner kitchen beautician. I would have surely gotten my hair braided had I known it would get this bad.

Unfortunately, I didn’t. I was rocking an ole’ tired bun. You know the in-between bun I’m talking about. In between styles, in between visits, in between jobs. I wouldn’t even make an appearance on my own IG stories without a Snapchat filter. I had just ordered my second jar of Mielle’s Honey & Ginger Edge Gel when I remembered, I had a wig in my closet. I had a decision to make, devote a massive amount of energy to pulling myself out of the beauty funk I was in, or continue to slick my hair back. It was time to do my hair. And I could think of no more perfect time to break out that closet wig.

The wavy wig slipped out the silk bag and made a soft tap on my dresser. The Malaysian body wave 360 wig (14″) came in a sleek black pouch with Mayvenn embossed on the front. If you’re wondering what a 360 (degree) wig is, it just means there’s wig consist of all lace instead of a wig cap — making it lighter weight, less bulky and more seamless/realistic. 360 wigs are typically more expensive. And I had a brand new one right in front of me. I got to work.

I started out by braiding my hair into five cornrows. They don’t have to be super tight or thin, two anchor braids in the front followed by any pattern would work. I oiled my scalp and followed up with my favorite hair dress. I used the nape of my neck to measure ear to ear and cut a strip of elastic to affix to the back of my wig, which allows you to wear your wig securely without having to glue down the front. Once you have the proper length band, sew it to your wig (many wigs already come with the band attached). Use the wig combs to secure the front of your wig by sliding them into your anchor braids.

Now that you’ve got your wig on, it’s going to take some altering. I love Mayvenn Hair’s ready-to-wear wig line’s ready-to-wear.

Mayvenn sells premium wigs for affordable prices. They’re reliable and offer free promotions with their bundles and wigs. Before this whole coronavirus stuff, they were offering free wig customization. Mayvenn is also a platform that promotes entrepreneurship opportunities for Black hair stylists (who will surely need your support when this is all over).

Mayvenn Wig Customization

Source: Mayvenn / Mayvenn

Though I do recommend using your tweezers (or the end of a rat tail comb) to accentuate your part. The key to cutting the lace around the perimeter of your hairline, is to cut in a curvy pattern, not straight across (no one’s natural hairline in that straight). Leave about 1/4 of an inch of lace on your wig to create that “from the scalp” look.

Mayvenn Hair

Source: Mayvenn / Via Mayvenn Hair

Viola! Ladies, be sure to remember if this is your first time wearing a wig, it’s going to look like a wig to you. It takes some adjusting and a few glances in the mirror before you probably feel confident in your new do.

That’s the great thing about wigs, they come in handy when you need a beauty pick-me-up. They’re easily applied and removable. You can be many different women with a few good wigs.

As for me, I love wigs and they’re perfect for revamping your look without necessarily going to the salon. And since we can’t go anyway, this is a great alternative!


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