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Like Serena Williams said, this coronavirus pandemic is “serious.”

The WHO has called the crisis a world pandemic with it killing more than 6,500 people across the globe (nearly 80 in the U.S.) and infecting nearly 180,000. Even on a smaller scale, it’s pretty devastating to everyday Americans. Between self-quarantines, work from home schedules, school shutdowns, long lines at the grocery store, toilet paper wipeouts and the real threat of an economic downturn, this is a very worrisome time.

Oh, and even Idris Elba tested positive for the ‘Rona,

But somewhere in that, we have to have a moment to laugh and not get always get bogged down in everything that is depressing about the world. Enter a little pick-me-up I truly appreciated this weekend: Beyoncé as Lysol Disinfectant Sprays.

On Saturday morning, after coming home to D.C. after NYU was closed down because of the coronavirus, Queen Bey superfan Roy aka @ifiwerearoy created this hilarious and innovative thread.

“One of my friends I follow (@crazyinpain) created this funny Beyonce as Hand Sanitizer thread, which I think was inspired by the Chris Evans as Hand Sanitizer thread. So I thought, nobody is doing anything with Lysol and I ready knew that they had lots of scents and colors, so I had some photos saved and I started [building it out,” the 19-year-old college student told HelloBeautiful.

Build it out he did.

Using an array of Bey’s outfits from over the years compared to 19 different Lysol cans, which are damn near sold-out in stores across the country, Roy absolutely nailed it. Take a look at all this Bey-luscious beauty:

While Roy admitted to HB that he doesn’t consider himself a Bey expert, I would have to respectfully disagree. It takes someone pretty well-versed in her intense fashion history, both on-stage and on IG, to even put this together, period. This is why it comes as no surprise that the thread went viral with more than 45K likes and nearly 13K retweets.

“This is cute, and then I thought how buying Lysol is just as hard as getting a Beyonce concert ticket these days,” one user Tweeted. 

Another joked, “If you think I sat here and went through a thread of Beyoncé as Lysol disinfectant sprays you’re right cause I sure in the f*ck did.”
Some were even shocked to see that Lysol had all these sprays.

“Anybody else never seen or knew any of these existed? (besides like 3),” one person asked.Despite the thread’s popularity, Roy told HB that he didn’t expect it to blow up like it did.

“I really just did it for my followers. I’m in a community of Beyonce fans and I thought it would make them laugh, but then it went viral and celebs were retweeting it. It was so crazy!” he said, adding, “There were even people who were like,’I’m not even if a big Beyonce fan, but this thread now makes me see her in a different light.'”

Knowing that Blue Ivy’s mama probably has a burner account where she’s scrolling through Twitter laughing, I’m pretty confident that she saw this thread too. And if she did, Roy wants her to know, “Of course I’m a big fan and I am glad that I could create this type of content that people could see.”

While Roy ingeniously incorporated Lysol into his Twitter dedication to the Grammy-winning singer, in real-life, he kept it 100.

“I am actually running out of Lysol. I have a few cans for the pandemic, like 2 or 3, but they aren’t even full,” he says with a laugh.

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